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Ravenna sign

Temperature 47 degrees

My dream house in Ravenna

Ravenna Police Truck

Ravenna Senior Center - heaven?

North Loup sale

North Loup sale #2

North Loup River

Scotia sign

Scotia population

Deer by the highway

Deer hiding by road

North Loup River

Ertl banks

Cookbooks etc.


Pyrex dish

Avon bottles

Pyrex teapot and lunchbox

Robotix and spirograph


Mind games

Corning Ware


Kinsey and Me

Tyler bottle

Popcorn County USA

The Annual Popcorn purchase

Hedge Apples

Kettle Corn - one of 20 stands!

Homemade Ravenna Senior CTR rolls

Thick chewy Cairo brownies

Cairo Church - pulled pork sandwich

Enchiladas not to be confused with Enchiladas

Apple Crisp (or is it?)

Love his sign


Junk Jaunt sign

Christmas shopping


Put Junk in your Trunk

Junk you need

Scotia Better Homes and Gardens

Front yard

Would you like desert?

Tie one on!

Day 3 –


Reader’s Digest Summary of our L-O-N-G day! We left the hotel at 7:30 am and got back 8:30 pm – we shopped for 13 hours, traveled 200 miles, bought 157 items, and spent $300. Cities visited included: Ravenna, Cairo, North Loup, Elba and Scotia. Highlights of our shopping included the purchase of 16 hedge apples (we keep them in the house, basement and garage to keep spiders away); a set of over 100 pieces of Corelle Crazy Daisy (Spring Blossom) dinnerware for $10 – it is worth $4 - $6 a piece; some interesting tins including Prince Albert, Dier Kiss talcum powder (paid $2 – it sells for $28), Avon California Trailing Arbutus; a load of Corning Ware and a bunch of dinosaurs. I found a pop bottle with the name of my grandson on it – Tyler and a Sue Grafton novel with my granddaughter Kinsey’s name on the cover (this is where her name came from – the Grafton alphabet novels). As advertised the sales open at sunrise and don’t close until the sun goes down. This is the first time we have attended the Junk Jaunt that it has been COLD and I mean cold. It was 47 degrees. People have been staring at us in our shorts! Thank goodness we had hoodies in the back of the van for emergencies like this. We thought it was going to be in the seventies. We loved the pick up truck police vehicle in Ravenna and I also included my “dream house” which is in Ravenna (I would have to move it to Denver). Ravenna is a bustling metropolis of 1300 people and they have some good junk there! We crossed the North Loup river several times today and on the way home at dusk, several animals crossed the road in front of us including 10 deer and 4 raccoons and one Chupacabra (we think).

Food Du Jour

Food today was once again over the top. We started with omelets and waffles followed by large homemade cinnamon rolls from the Senior Center in Ravenna. Then, we had homemade brownies, and bought cinnamon pickles, dill pickles, relish and honey. We had pulled pork sandwiches for a church in Cairo. For dinner, we had Elba enchiladas not to be confused with any enchilada you have had in your life. They are soft corn tortillas soaked in enchilada sauce, stuffed with a ½ pound of hamburger seasoned with taco seasoning and chili powder and Velveeta cheese – they were bigger than most burritos. When we ordered, I asked what was in the enchiladas and the lady looked at me and said, “What do you mean what’s in them?” We stared at each other for a very uncomfortable 5 seconds, and then she said, “Well, hamburger of course!” Of course, what was I thinking! Everyone knows that enchilada translated to English is Mexican sloppy joe. Right? We had apple crisp, too. We did buy 50 pounds of popcorn in North Loup for $30 (that is a whole year of snacks for $2.50 a month) and 4 pounds of popcorn salt (the smallest portion available at the popcorn factory) for $4. About 3 ounces costs $1.50 at Safeway. I will be having TUMS as my bedtime snack tonight.


I found a sign I loved today and I’m going to make one when I get home. It read, “I would agree with you, but then both of us would be wrong.” A close runner up was “Don’t squat on your spurs.” Our van felt kind of plain when we saw someone looking for salvage in the SAVAGE (see photo). There are some crafty people who make really creative signs for their sales – I love the crafted signage. In case any of you are wondering what you are getting for Christmas, you can see the sign suggested we go Christmas shopping on the Junk Jaunt – I’m saving all kinds of $$$$$. My next book may be “How to Fail at Business without Really Trying.” The first chapter will be about how your business name can make or break you – example: who in their right mind would name their Estate Sale Business – 4 WHITE CHICKS? It saved me money, I can tell you. Some of their other signage included: Put Junk in Your Trunk and Junk You Need. Someone needs a Marketing 101 course. Straight out of a HGTV trading spaces where Hildi Santo-Tomas was designing, here is a backyard designed out of quilt block patterns. Then, their front yard got jealous of the colorful backyard, so the owners threw carousel horses all over it. Then, the menu advertised a “desert” and I was so cold, I hoped it meant desert! Elba gave everyone a cute little tag that read one “tie one on” and I am ready! But, I can’t until the shopping marathon is over.

Tomorrow, Grand Island, Dannebrog, St. Paul, Broken Bow and . . .

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