After walking to the tube, tubing to Paddington Station, we find our...

We find our train to Newbury

We’re all smiles going to Newbury for a 4 day visit.

We get our rental car

A very nice rental car.

We find our Airbnb host home.

Very nice room and terrific hosts.

Our view out the window of our room.

Donnington Castle is one the edge of Newbury, now a community of...

First view from the parking lot, Donnington Castle, Whoa...

Dave’s baaack!

The back side of the castle

Overlooking the town of Newbury from the hilltop at Donnington

Constructed of flint and cement.

Another interesting mansion in Newbury is this huge, restored house, but closed...

Downtown Newbury, cute town.

The old post office, now closed.

We walk along the Kenet Canal through town

Kenet Canal

We find one of the bases at which Dave was stationed

About Uffington Castle and the horse.

About Uffington

About Uffington

We walk through sheep up the hill to the Chalk Horse of...

The horse is sooo big you cant’t get a good picture of...

The thin white lines are the outline of the horse, hard to...

Warning sheep belong to someone, dont’ mess with the sheep....

This is what the horse looks like from the air, beautiful stylized...

About the horse, 3,000 years old

Yep, sure will..

Hungry, we pull into this pub

The little town where the pub is located

We parked next to the pub.

A Morgan

A Morgan

A Morgan

Menu of the Pub

Dave orders Fish n Chips, huge!

Rebecca orders up Shepherds Pie... very good.

We finally get to Bath.

We walk about 8 blocks through the city of Bath

And find the entrance to the archeological restoration of Roman Baths

Wow, we weren't expecting this!

What the temple entrance looked like.

Original volcanic heated water still flows

Throughout the complex

It's been a neat day

This is our last stop, we reflect upon the fun times we've...

When our week in London was finished it was time to go to Newbury. Now, most people wouldn’t have any reason to go to this small city 55 miles southwest of London. Dave was stationed here in the late 1970’s for three years as there are two small Air Force bases here.

We departed London by walking to the tube then a train to Newbury, then called for the Enterprise rental car, finally getting the car, drove to our hosts home. That is, after we had a great lunch at the Donnington Pub. The Airbnb we arranged on the edge of town was terrific. It was a long day of traveling for us, we collapsed into bed and slept soundly.

Our first full day, we found downtown Newbury and it had changed dramatically since Dave lived here, more than 40 years ago! Instead of a large town, we found a small city with it’s High street closed off to make a walking shopping center. But we found some things that are still there, like the old church, canal and more. A couple things to be mentioned here, this is a neat area of England. It’s out in the country, away from the big cities, the country roads meander through little villages, next to pubs, sheep fields and such.

On our second day, we found one of the AF bases. It’s Sunday and is closed being guarded by Ministry of Defense Police. We take pictures and head up the country lane to find the White Horse of Uffington. Famous for it’s huge carved from the earth chalk horse. When we’d walked enough up and down the hill we left and found a neat country pub, The Rose and Crown. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw it full of Morgan sports cars. A sports car club was having an outing and stopped there for lunch, too! Morgans are still hand made in England on an as ordered basis. Think exclusive and expensive.

There was enough time left in the day for us drive to the city of Bath. An original city made exclusive for and by the Romans when they owned the land. The baths have only been open to the public since the 1970’s after they’d been restored.

The next day was a sobering day as we had to leave our comfy Airbnb, turn in the car, catch our train for Heathrow Airport. We reserved a hotel room at a Holiday Inn so we could catch our flight to the USA easily. We reflect on the fun, learning, the people we’ve met, awesome experiences and the wonderful countryside we’ve been privileged to see in 5 different countries.

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