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The old witches prison


The main bridge

Edinburgh Castle

Little red riding hood

Might be just for the pool room at this price

Post ceremony street walk for the bridal party

Castle from the new town level

Kirsty's hand

All we need is a can of raid!!

Scotland, Scotland, Scotland..

Land of tartan, kilts, haggis, whiskey, goergeous mountains and of course the Scottish.

Never a braver race was found (nor more inventive) and the sicky thrown by Kirsty surely showed the spirit of our journey.

Rather than ringing up on the morning of her 'sickness' she was sent home by the boss the day before for looking' not well' and actually rang him at night to tell him she was not showing.

Surely a diamind performance but the first time she has done so..honest.

So we three (Kirsty's mum is visiting) travelled up to Edinburgh by aeroplane on the Friday morning and found our digs in the middle of the city. we were just off the Royal Mile actually conveniently smack bang in the middle of it's entire length. we had a short wander round and then jumped on the bus that drives around the city.

It is absolutely amazing. A beautiful castle perched on top of a hill over looking a great 'old town' and the more 'english' new town.

Everyone seems to link english with posh here. Not sure why.

The day was spent buying souvenirs and restaurant meals with a good hearty meal at the pub to finish it off. This set the agenda for the next few days, the highlight being when Kirsty let a huge Trantula walk across her hand in the reptile park.

I chose to stand back and protect Suz from the spider as a man must.

The castle itself is in immaculate condition and most areas are open to the public. Some great views of edinburgh are found which the photo's show.

The town is beautiful. Basically there is not too much to write about. It has a really good vibe, is relaxed, has only 500,000 people and most of those are really friendly. It has none of the harshness that seems to exist in London and we all had a great time.

We'll throw on a heap of photo's for you too see.

Hope you are all well.

Mick and Kirsty

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