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Monument of history of Dusseldorf

Our guide explaining monument

Church with twisted spire


Some of their bread


A giraffe in Dusseldorf

Santas on bikes in Dusseldorf

Bars filling up on Christmas Eve

Across the Rhine

Monday 24th: This morning’s tour was a guided walk through the old town of Dusseldorf with a culinary twist at the end and a look at the Christmas markets. Our guide who lives in the old town was very bright and breezy and was able to impart a feel for the area. Much of the old town is filled with bars and restaurants and as it was Christmas eve they were gearing up for a big night. The guide stressed how loud and boisterous it can get in the evening and even as we left about lunchtime the streets had started to fill up and the beer was flowing. The specialty beer of Dusseldorf is Altbiere and we visited an ale house to taste the local brew. It is a darker beer than Cologne’s. We were also presented with platters of traditional food - pork knuckle, blood sausage, sauerkraut, etc. There is much friendly rivalry between Dusseldorf and Cologne over beer and food and, in our limited experience, Dusseldorf wins on both counts.

As we passed through the fresh fruit and vegetable markets, we were given pieces of local apples and pears to taste and they really did have taste. At a fabulous bakery we also sampled some of the breads and they were delicious. We did not spend much time at the Christmas markets as we had seen quite a few and it was still early. A few of us decided to walk back to the ship and along the way had a beautiful hot chocolate beside the river.

There was time in the afternoon to do a couple of loads of washing and this set us up for the next part of the trip as most everything was clean.

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