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Barbican Fortress Gate

Florians Gate

Shrine Inside Florians Gate

Old street lighting near Opera House

Opera House

Many carriages around the city

Christmas trees still in Old Town Square

Church in Old Town Square

Statue of Pope outside Krakow Cathedral

The courtyard at Wawel Castle


Its cold and wet.

One of many churches

Lunch of Polish sausage, potatoes, and bread

With a snack of barbeque cheese

And chocolate covered fruit for dessert

Golf buggy tour of Jewish quarter Kazmierz

Helen Rubenstein's house

Memorial to the 65,000 Jews exterminated from Krakow


Well as New Year revellers, we all failed miserably last night. I was in bed by 9 and the girls finally woke up, had some noodles for dinner and hit the bed. We were woken intermittently by the noise of revellers in the nearby Old Town Square but it was probably the best night sleep we have all had.

Later start this morning to do an Old Town walking tour which started at Florians Gate one of the many wall entrances into medieval Krakow. Had a great tour guide this morning and he was quite humorous as well as informative.

It will be impossible to name all the sites we visited as Polish names are long and complicated to pronounce so I will not even try. Lets say we visited a number of churches, a university, a church where Karol Watolya the Pope at one time studied, more churches and ended up a Wawel Castle amidst some sleety snow hitting us and freezing us to the core.

After the walking tour finished we decided to go back to the Old Town Square to sample some typical Polish foods before joining another walking tour of the Old Jewish Quarter in the afternoon.

Tried some barbecue cheese with cranberry sauce (yum) and then a Polish sausage with bread and boiled potatoes. Yet again yum. Found ourselves a cafe where we bought a hot chocolate with Baileys to warm up our insides before the next tour.

By the time the tour was due to start, it was raining and miserable so we all decided it would be best to take one of the little golf cart tours around the Jewish quarter in a effort not to freeze.

Our guide was quite obliging with photo stops and even dropped us near to our apartment at the end.

The girls are going to venture out for some dinner but I am settled for the night. I will post photos of our tours today without any descriptions as such. Leaving tomorrow morning at 4am to catch a bus to the Czech border then a train to Prague. Early night needed.

Goodnight all.

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