Vix & Alan in Thailand & Cambodia 2018-19 travel blog

Alan on Buffalo Bay beach, Koh Phayam

Asian open bills

Our hut on Koh Phayam (Rabbit Bungalow)

Lek, the delightful owner and manager of Rabbit Bungalow

Banana pancake heaven

A not unpleasant walk to the beach

Daily visits from hornbills

A slow boat ferry to Ranong

View from our hut, Rabbit Bungalow

Sweet little bedroom with necessary mozzie net

A lovely paddle through the mangroves

Motorbike taxi to the ferry port on Koh Phayam

Preferential exchange rate for £ compared to Scottish £!!

Macacca monkey in the mangrove forest in Ranong

Wild day trips in the outskirts of Ranong

Buffalo Bay at high tide

Natural sand pattern

Alan with two bikes

Visit to the Ngao Mangrove Forest Research Centre

Squid ship

Alan on Koh Phayam

Rainbow girl


So, tonight we're heading back to Bangkok on the night train from an interesting place called Chumphon where we've been staying for the past few days. After a couple of days here, we realised we'd actually been here before - about 10 years ago but only for one night. Alan's feeling of deja vue proved right! Before that, we were on the idyllic Andaman island of Koh Phayam. Still unspoilt - no cars, electricity only between 6.00pm and 8.00am, mangroves, long white sandy beaches, families of hornbills, and yes, swaying palms and cocktails. We could barely bear to prise ourselves away but needs must. We spent 5 days on this beautiful island. The only minor downside was a visiting tropical storm "Pabuk" which thankfully mostly missed us but meant fishing boats and ferries were grounded and the sky wasn't always its most azure blue, with rain clouds even. Still, nothing spoilt our delight in finding a small corner (10km long by 5 km wide), and ambling our way around on a tiny scooter.

The reason Koh Phayam is so under-developed is its remoteness from the main Thai transport routes. The jumping-off point from the mainland is a town called Ranong which is a 20 minute boat ride away from Burma and is used by some as a "Visa route run" but few tourists use this border point. Ranong is semi-geared up for some tourists and we stayed at a very nice resort called Tinidee Inn (an annex of the main hotel that allowed use of their wonderful swimming pool). Whilst in Ranong, we hired a small scooter for a couple of days to explore one of the largest mangrove forests in SE Asia, complete with families of macacca monkeys and weird mud crabs. We also drove South to the Nam Nguok national park and, as usual, the major feature was a waterfall.

Koh Phayam is serviced by a slow boat everyday and, now, a series of speedboats to transfer people. We took the slow boat and stayed at Rabbit Bungalow Resort. Having a bike also enabled us to nosey around most of the other accommodation alternatives and beach accommodation.

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