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Snowy mountains!

Highest point in the Wicklow Mountains

Today my friends and I got up super early and took the train to Dublin and then to a little coastal town called Bray. It is in the Wicklow National Park, just south of Dublin.

We walked on the rocky beach and then made it to the hiking trail that we planned to go on. The cliffs were not crazy high but they were really beautiful and it was SO sunny!! Crazy for Ireland! We walked for quite some time and it was just getting more pretty.

The trail was pretty mild and then we turned to go up the peak instead of doing the loop. After a little bit we finally made it to the top! As we cleared the top, we saw mountains in the background and they were covered in snow!

Our group made it to the highest point in the Wicklow mountains and then hiked to a giant cross on the mountain. It was kind of weird because it was the first place I have ever been where there is the ocean/beach, mountains, farmland, and a busy town. Such a mix.

When we were walking to the cross there were free range cows and this one HUGE white horse and honestly it looked like a unicorn from far away.

By the end of the hike we had walked 9.4 miles!

After the hike, a few of us went to the Roost (a popular pub in Maynooth) to watch the Ireland/ UK Rugby game! It was sad because Ireland lost but the vibe in the bar was very cool.

For the end of my night, I made an awesome bowl of fried rice, and my friends Julia, Ally, and Rose came over for dinner and we hung out!

Tomorrow I am going to figure out where all of my classes are and then modules (classes) start Monday!! Cheers!

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