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Slender Billed Vulture on top of lunch

Red Headed Vulture Makes Appearance

Showing Off Their Shorts ?

White Rumped Vulture Spreads Wings

The Ubiquitous All-Purpose Vehicle

One might not consider vultures a 'sight-to-be-seen' but they are actually quite magnificent birds who perform a necessary function, and who like Rodney Dangerfield can truly utter the phrase, "I get no respect".

The vulture populations in Cambodia are extremely threatened because : 1) the lack of large native animal carcasses, and 2) the use of diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug used in livestock, which is poisonous when ingested by vultures who eat upon dead livestock.

We were lucky enough to see three species of endangered vultures during our visit to the 'Restaurant' - where safe carcasses are 'prepared' for the vultures' enjoyment.

Chow for now

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