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Homestead along the roadside

Homestead #2

Dinner at a roadside market

Vietnam Guys ?

And English Advertising Appears

Teddy Bears for Sale

Roundabout at approach into Ho Chi Minh City

Typical commercial alleyway

Market 'walkway' ?!

Black Sweater Requires Umbrella ?

Fine Arts Museum Facade

Statue #1 on F.A.M. grounds

Statue #2

#2 Data

Statue #3

Data #3

The Growth

The Root

Park in Central HCMC

Lidia asking for directions

Inner Temple

Vase Detail

Swan on Turtle

Garden Design

OK, where the hell did I park mine ?!

City Center Temple

Architecture detail

Wall Art I

Wall Art II

Wall Art III

The bus ride from Phnom Penh was advertised as five hours long. It actually took eight hours, but was comfortable and gave us the opportunity to see the transition/differentiation between Cambodia & Vietnam. As soon as you cross thru customs and are on Vietnam roads: #1-paved roads and, #2-much more modern & well maintained construction, commercial & residential. Obviously, Cambodia is far more poor than Vietnam. There are still roadside/sidewalk markets & shops in Vietnam, but the condition thereof is 'cleaner' & again, more modern.

Entering into Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC for short)/Saigon (which is the nomenclature of the locals) the greater wealth of Vietnam is again so evident. Motorbikes still rule the roads, AND sidewalks ! In fact as George Carlin would observe - they should not be called sidewalks, but sideparks; rarely can you walk on the sidewalk as they are full of parked motorbikes. So, walk in the street is the modus operandi, and as terrifying as it would seem to be, the (survival) tact to take is keep moving forward. You will not be hit - we have been assured ! There will be vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks & buses) continously proceeding from & to every direction, including in the 'wrong' lane/direction of travel. Absolutely amazing there are not bodies strewn about everywhere. Our process reminder was "sticky rice", meaning, stay closely together and at least provide for a mass burial, or at least group discount in/at the ambulance/hospital/morgue !

We are travelling with Megan & Ken (our tour 'boss' in Cambodia) here in Vietnam. Megan flew up from Australia to join Ken. The last time we saw her was at their home in Australia in 2016 when she had asked us to join her family for home-cooked flapjacks she was serving for breakfast; Lidia & I had just finished a morning birding with Ken near their home. It will be a pleasure to spend time with her & Ken.

Tomorrow we continue exploring Saigon.

Ciao for now.

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