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'Normal' street intersection mayhem

Driver in Training

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Quite Modest Interior


Stained Glass in St. Joseph's

Crowds lined up to visit Ho Chi Minh Masoleum

Lidia & Megan with Hanoi Policeman

Herding the Montesori pre-school 'kittens'

Ho Chi Minh Museum

45 seconds of 'green to go'

Egg Coffee, which we did not try, though maybe should've

Sidewalk Barber

Entry gate to the Temple of Literature

Posing for Pictures

That's a Large Soup Tureen !

Lid Detail

Top Hat on the Hop On - Hop Off Bus

Old Colonial House

Modern Skyscraper

T-Shirts at sidewalk shop

How does the liquid stay IN ?!

Looks much more leak-tight

Story of Blue & White Ceramics

Note thin brown strip (Vietnam) where Mongols were repulsed

Hoan Kiem (Restored Sword) Lake in Hanoi City Center

Turtle Tower, Temple of the Jade Mountain, and the Huc Bridge at...

A quick 2 hour flight transports us from Hot, Humid Saigon north to Cooler, Gray Hanoi. We are staying in the old town center a few blocks from Hoan Kiem Lake. Hanoi feels less frantic & brash than Saigon, but the 'motorbike rules' is still in effect. Crossing an intersection feels as though one is trying to avoid the blades inside a pulsating food processor; just keep thinking 'sticky rice, sticky rice' and keep moving; miraculously, the 'blades' will avoid emulsifying you !

The lines of people awaiting entry to the Ho Chi Minh Masoleum circled the site perimeter for 100's of meters; a 1,000 or more people I'd estimate. We instead decided to visit his Museum and then walk thru the city parks in the cool shade of the many tall trees. Then a city tour using the Hop-On / Hop-Off bus gave us a good overview of the city. Hanoi does have a more laid-back atmosphere compared to young bustling Saigon.

Tomorrow we part ways with Megan & Ken, as they head northwest to Sapa, and we head east to Haiphong and onto Cat Ba Island. It has been a pleasure to spend a few days with Megan and get to know her more. And of course additional days with Ken are always a treat, filled with humour & interesting conversation.

Ciao for now

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