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Bathtub in the Bedroom !?

Early 20th Century Katong Shop Houses in Marine Parade District

Modern Office Building Architecture

Residential Complex

Yet again the flight from Saigon to Singapore was delayed; about two hours. Arriving in modern, orderly, efficient, clean Singapore was a welcome relief. But that all comes at a price - hotels, taxis, and meals are 2x-4x the prices we have gotten used to over the past two months. The hotel had an interesting arrangement whereby there was a bathing tub in the bedroom - just sitting in the open, 8 feet from the bed ! Pretty sure that is a first for me to see. We are staying in the Katong/Marine Parade District(s). Katong used to be waterfront property, but due to land creation/reclamation starting in the later 20th century, it is now inland, and Marine Parade occupies the waterfront position. The architectural contrasts in Katong are interesting, and are a reminder that the area used to be a fishing village with small shops, and has now become home to modern hi-rise offices and residential towers.

Tomorrow is the day long journey back to Texas.

Ciao for now

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