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Cathay Pacific was touted as being 5 star. The 16 1/2 hours from Singapore to San Francisco did not provide much proof of that rating to me. The seating issue to Hong Kong was minor compared to the 12 1/2 hours to trans-Pacific leg. They had evidently changed aircraft type without notifying us. Instead of adjacent aisle seats in the second row of the Economy Plus section (has a bit more leg-room), we discover upon boarding that we have aisle and MIDDLE seats in the LAST ROW of that section - Right next to the, you guessed it, RESTROOMS. Oh, and by the way, the seats in that last row do NOT recline. After much discussion with the cabin & ground crew I move to a MIDDLE seat in an exit row; at least there's more leg room, and you can leave your seat without clambering over (and/or awakening) the aisle seat occupant. Lidia keeps the aisle seat which we thought would be the better of the two choices. Good thought - different reality. Being next to the restroom her seatback functioned as a support railing for the many who used it as such throughout the flight. One of the worst flight experiences I've/we've had in 37/20 years. OK - enough whining.

I have not mentioned it up to this point but thought I would be remiss not to do so. My Dad died the first week we were in Cambodia. It was a blessing as life had become intolerable. His health had deteriorated greatly and he wanted to be with Mom, who died 3 1/2 years ago. He got his wish to die at home and my three sisters were with him when he took his last peaceful breath. Dad was a good father, as was Mom, from whom I learned many things which I have utilized throughout my life. One of them was to travel and explore what is around you - even if only on a day-long car trip when we were children; Thanks Mom & Dad.

Ciao for now - till the next journey.

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