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Wednesday 29th May 2019

Corniglia to Pisa, Italy

Up early today, it had rained all night so we weren’t looking forward to getting our bags down to the railway station but by the time we had packed and had our breakfast it was just showery although very wet under foot, so we caught the shuttle bus to the station and got the train to La Spezia, waited an hour and a half for our connection to Pisa. It’s about 70 minutes from La Spezia to Pisa and when we arrived, we walked about 150 metres to our hotel and checked in. Went straight back out again to sightsee but first walked back to the station to familiarise ourselves with the whereabouts of the Pisamover light rail to the airport for tomorrow morning. We then walked across the River Arno to see the historical section of the town, but on the way there was a huge thunderstorm with hail. Luckily we were able to take shelter. The historic area is spectacular and on a grand scale, showed off the wealth Pisa must have had when she was at the peak of her power many centuries ago. Eventually we reached the Leaning Tower and attempted the typical photos of pretending to hold up the Tower, in the light rain. We decided to climb the Tower and bought our tickets. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed it. Walking up the marble steps gave an odd feeling, as one walked round the inside of the tower sometimes it felt as if you would fall over due to the lean. The view from the top of the tower is quite grand. All of the other buildings in the area were quite beautiful as well. There were huge crowds everywhere even though the weather was atrocious. We walked back to the town across the river and had an early dinner in a little restaurant close to the railway station,then back to our hotel for an early night before our 9am flight back from Pisa to Australia via Qatar tomorrow. It has been a very interesting and beautiful trip to Italy and we have seen so many famous things in a short time.

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