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Gate 1 Princess and a Viking boat

Carla disembarks - Chocolate Factory in back

houses, church

a stone pillar to Schmitz

Neil Armstrong is mentioned!

Tunnes and Schia

stance means good luck and a return

Rita tries it

cross eyes - from across the river

Tongue movement on the hour!

Bavarian humor

stories were told of Agrippa & Agrippina

Clinton & other dignitaries ate on this glass table

the Dom can be seen for miles around

actual size and weight of the crown of the steeple

they can't keep up with cleaning it

some details

notice the birds to the left

inside ceiling

a small service with singing

one of the windows

one of the places to light candles

most people didn't see this

ready to try a Kolsch beer in Peter's Pub

Kolsch beer is very good

a place to buy a lock for the bridge

a portable piano!

locks! bridge next to rr bridge

locks on locks!

the park across the river

the Dom and the bridge

saw the Dom, walked the bridge, now to go up the tower!

the half of Cologne across the river

Cologne from on high

So that's what that is! cool!

entertainment in the park - one guy plays a bottle!

KM marker for the Rhine

factories near Cologne

best tour guide so far (and best one on the cruise!) with her sense of humor and command of the English language. When she pointed out where Clinton and others ate at a glass table, she said they could see whether he brought Monica or not!

It was fun seeing and hearing about the statues of Tunnes and Schal. Tunnes is the shorter one and represents farmers. He is jovial and it is good luck to rub his nose. But if you put your left foot on his as well, you will have good luck and come back to Cologne. Schal is the tall skinny one with crossed eyes. He is from across the river and their nicknames are cross-eyes.

The statue for Schmidz-Saule monument also has a funny story in that the creator says it is made of stones from the Roman era and dedicated to the common name of Schmitz. It was placed at the same time as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969 and is exactly 389994 km and 100m away from that place.

The statue of the person mooning was also placed by the author above and it is called a Kallendresser, which is someone who answers the call of nature in a drain!

Read all about all of the above at

loved the walk over the lock bridge and up the tower, then sights at the park near the river. Stores closed on Sunday so good to see the people relaxing and enjoying the day.

I did this alone.

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