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11 Jun – Tuesday

This morning we head back to Dublin, we are at the bus for 9am departure. Suzanne drops us off, and while we are waiting we see Noelle from the chocolate shop. She is such a crack up. She is taking the bus to Cork to get supplies for her drama group. We are in Cork just before 10am, and Tony tells Cynthea that there is no point hurrying, the bus (to Dublin) would have just left. As we are taking our gear into the bus station, Cynthea tells Tony there is the bus, we could have caught it. But it is the bus back to Kinsale, the one we need is leaving from across the river. We spend a bit of time in the bus station where we have shelter, and take our time going to the bus stop. We pass an M&S store, and Cynthea wants to pop in “for a minute”, but Tony tells her she doesn’t have time. The bus is at the stop already, and there is quite a queue for it. We think there is no way everyone is getting on, but thankfully the driver announces that there is a separate bus for the airport.

We are away on time, just before 11am, and in Dublin around 2pm. We are dropped off not far from the hostel, and when we check in we find that we are in the same room, and the same beds, as last week, “in case we go out and get drunk, and forget where we should be”. Haha. One night costs us €34 ($60).

Tony heads off back down the street to find a computer repair shop. The battery on the laptop gave up a few weeks ago, and power needs to be plugged in any time it is used. The guy at the shop was great, he said that no one will hold stock at all, and it would take a week for anyone to get the parts to fix it. He suggested Tony opens up the laptop and check what battery is needed, and order it on Ebay or Amazon. He shows Tony where the hidden screws are, and gives him a wee tool to remove the back cover. Back at the hostel Tony takes the laptop apart, photographs the battery and sets about finding the replacement. Lots to choose from, but a suitable one is found (he hopes!), and he arranges to send it to Torty and Kurt’s. About NZ$70, so not too bad a price.

It is past feeding time, and Tony is looking on line for a deal for dinner. He spots a fish and chip feed on Groupon, and the shop is only a block away. Sorted. We order the coupon and as soon as it comes through we are off. It is a huge meal, a large piece of fish, a huge serving of chips, and we struggle to get through it all, but we manage to get there.

A wee bit of exercise today, about 5km walked.

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