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The Highlanders

Recliners at back of boat

This is where we sat, at the front

Thursday, June 20

Doyles, NL to North Sydney, NS via ferry

The wifi last night and even early this morning, was not very good despite being parked in a spot close to the wifi and having 4 wifi sites to use.  The good news is there was wifi at the port. We left for the ferry to Nova Scotia a little before 8 am as we were ready to go. This is a different boat, the Highlanders.  There were not nearly as many trucks, campers and cars as the other day. It was sunny when we left, and still partly sunny out to sea. The ride is much smoother and more cheerful due to the weather. At the back are lots of recliners and tvs.  We're at the front, where there are just windows between us and the water. It's really a beautiful place to sit. We had lunch and saved over half for dinner. The piece of triple chocolate cake was about 4 times as big as I expected. I saved ¾ for later.  Jim had apple crumble which was not nearly as good as mine. I had fish and chips again, but it was flat pieces of fish, not thick like the other boat. On deck 10, you can go outside for great views. There are also small side decks on our seating level, deck 7.  Deck 8 had reserved seating and 6 is cabins. When we sat down for lunch, there were lots of dolphins to our side. Jim said someone saw a whale. Of course we left the binoculars in the camper, as last trip we couldn't see much. We tried the Newfie Bullet, made with 1 oz Screech rim, 1 oz kahlua, and milk.  Delicious! It was a very relaxing day. We're back at North Sydney KOA.

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