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Pedestrian Bridge in Frederickton

Horseshoe Falls in Grand Falls

View from our campsite

Saturday, June 22

Sunny Day and 55 to start.  It was 80 by the time we were at our campground.    We left Moncton around 8 am and headed towards Edmonston, NB.  A little west of Moncton we saw 2 deer on the side of the road.  This trip was so pretty! The roadside had beautiful big patches of different colored lupines just randomly.  There were other places with daisies, buttercups, and some other deep purple flowers. In one spot, there was a big patch of what looked like phlox.  Of course there were also the forests, meadows, lakes and rivers to view as well. It was windy most of the day, making for hard driving and some slower going.  We stopped in Fredericton to do a walking tour but the visitor center with the maps was closed. So we just walked around a little before heading back out. It was very pretty down in the city with a high walking bridge going across the highway, leading to bike/walking paths.  There were lots of people there. We ate lunch in the Walmart parking lot along the way and grabbed a few groceries and stretched our legs, giving Jim a much needed break from fighting the winds. We passed a town called Hartland which boasts the world's largest covered bridge.  Most of the road was rolling hills or mostly flat. There were few if any steep parts on the highway. There are lots of farmlands here as well. We passed lots and lots of Moose Crossing signs and they had high fences trying to keep them out of the road. We stopped in Grand Falls to see Horseshoe Falls which are the largest falls east of Niagara Falls.  They were beautiful. Another deer was on the side of the road just north of Grand Falls. We made it to Edmundston, NB and are camping at Camping Panoramic '86 in St. Jacques, NB. There are at least 218 sites, with most of them seasonal. They seem pretty full. Our site is right across the road from the beautiful river. It's really nice. We asked for the "free wifi" code and were given it, but they said it doesn't come in well.  So much for free wifi! We walked around the park a couple of times. Still windy, but nice warm sunshine. We're almost to the Quebec border.

One little side note:  it's interesting that I sometimes have trouble remembering recent things, but today I recognized a sign from over 50 years ago.  As a young teen, I went on a trip with my parents around the Gaspe Peninsula. We stayed at a motel called Daigle's. Today we passed a sign for it and it brought back the memory...

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