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Me, Renee and Debbie with a pre-flight mojito.

A LOT of traffic leaving Dublin heading south.

Our first sight of Glendalough. (Pronounced ‘Glenda lock’.

The double arch entrance to the monetary ruins.

Runs left of the Cathedral.

Celtic cross tombstone amoung hundreds from hundreds of years ago.

Surrounding cemetery.

The round tower used for protection. And still mostly intact.

Glendalough lake.

My lunch at the Yard, in Wexlow. Clam chowder with clams in...

Our home base for a week, Clonea Castle Residence, near Dungarvan.

Beach view from the back of our rental.

A part of the old Clonea Castle wall build around the 1600’s.

I’m off to Ireland finally. Got a pretty good ticket (I think about $450 round trip) from Philadelphia to Dublin, on Aer Lingus. A direct flight only 6 1/2 hours long. I’m traveling with two retired teacher friends Renee, and Debbie, who both taught in St. Croix some years ago. Debbie just retired and has planned this trip so she won’t miss being back at school in September.

Our flight left Philadelphia at 5:30 PM and we arrived in Dublin the next day (today) at 4:40 AM. We rented a car, with the steering on the right and have to drive on the left. A little stressful, but Debbie and Renee managed and we drove south to Glendalough (pronounced ‘Glenda Lock’), famous monastic ruins in a beautiful and historically spiritual area in the Wicklow Mountains. Around 500AD the monk Kevin moved here to be a hermit and lived in a Bronze Age tomb he found on the banks of a river. He lived there alone communing with God and the animals until other monks began arriving. Eventually a very large monestary was established and beautiful hand painted religious books were made here. In the next 500 years there were 4 Viking raids and n the 1300’s English control finished destroying the monestary. That’s a very abbreviated account.

We were lucky with an unusually warm 60ish sunny day that was perfect for sightseeing and driving to our final destination, Dungarvan, located on the southeast coast about halfway between Cork and Waterford. We are staying at the Clonea Castle residence with a great off season rate of $130 a night for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath fully furnished apartment.

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