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We woke to an overcast and cooler day. This was our day to head to the islands of Murano & Burano. We took the vaporetto from San Toma to the San Marco/Giardetti stop to check out our plan of attack for leaving tomorrow. To our amazement, the stop for the Ilalguana vaporetto to the airport was on the other side of the same dock. That should be easy & NO steps!

On we went to Murano, the island of blown glass. That is exactly what it is. Every shop, and there are many, was filled with blown glass. Some of the high end shops were like museums. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful art pieces. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos so we just have to remember them in our heads. We soon tired of glass and people so went on to Burano which was a 30 minute trip. Burano is the island of lace. It also is quite colorful. The houses are all different colors. Many of the houses had a curtain hanging over the door. At first we thought they were instead of doors then realized they were for decoration. Interesting idea. We picnicked in a nice park then headed back to Venice. By the time we go home it was dark.

Today is no exception to our 'voyages' on Venice's streets. When we first arrived in Venice we had a most tasty gelato in the proprietor's pizza shop. Both of us wanted to have a last taste of Venice by returning to that jolly fellow. So, we walked....and walked...and walked trying to just find that blasted gelato stand. After over an hour of looking (it was just a few streets away) we finally found it! We had our gelato, but it wasn't as good as we remembered. Then, on our GPS guided return to our apartment, we saw another duplicate pizza place to the one we thought was the good one. Too full to buy another ice cream we just shook our heads and went on to packing and leaving.

It was a perfect finish to our stay in Venice. Still, there's romance in that island city, and we will carry wonderful memories of our stay there. We give thanks for this glimpse of what was a splendid city, and that we share these times together. Tomorrow we must bid farewell to Venice, and make our way to England. This farewell holds both regret and anticipation. We have found the Italian people very hospitable and often most helpful (like helping lift suitcases on Venetian steps up & down over canals. Still, if we are completely open about it, we've found Venice poorly maintained and very hard to navigate.

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