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So easy, I think was 15 euros for the 3 1/2 hour...

Trinity graduate was our city tour guide, beginning at Trinity College.

Trinity campus, where the River Lee was before the Vikings moved it.

We walked through the Temple Bar area and warned to pay close...

The 3 ropes with blue were bells we rang!

A very narrow, steep spiral staircase to the bell tower.

A great view from just outside the bell tower.

The crypt under Christ Church is unconsecrated and at one time had...

Christ Church, planned by the legendary Strongbow who is buried there.

Dublin Castle not very imposing from this courtyard. Earliest castle here from...

The City Tour began at Trinity College and was led by Brian, a history graduate, no less. Was very interesting to me and he did a very good job explaining the political and religious history of Ireland. Even made me feel good about my Protestant ancestors (not Catholic!). He explained that England encourage many Protestants from Scotland to come to Ireland and take land on Plantations, I’m sorry to say land that was taken from Catholics. But these Scotch Protestants were treated no better then the English Church Protestants treated the Catholics. My ancestors moved on to North American within a generation of being in Ireland. Our guide explained that the beginnings of the fight for religious freedom and Irish independence from England was actually started by these Scot Presbyterians.

After the tour I stopped at Christ Church and took a tour. The guide explained about the sloping walls in the Cathederal and took us up the the bell towers 84 steps! But well worth it as I got to pull the ropes and ring the bells of Christ Church!

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