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The entrance and oldest building at Trinity College, also called the University...

This area is where the River Lee used to be. The Vikings...

A blown up illustration from the book of Kells.

About St. John

Illustration from the book of Kells depicting St. John.

Another illustration from the book of Kells.

Trinity College Library. Looks like the Harry Potter Library that was filmed...

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a Protestant church.

About St. Patrick’s

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Abby Court Hostel right on the River Lee.

Hostel dormitory living. I’ve got the bottom bunk!

The River Lee, that runs through Dublin, and in front of the...

Tea and a double chocolate doughnut for 5 euros to take the...

The Bachelor Pub next door to Abby Court with Irish beloved authors’...

For the first time in all my travels I am staying in a hostel in a 6 bed female dormitory. I have stayed in hostels before but always with a private room. So now I’ve had the experience and I don’t need to do it again.....ever. I’m sure I’m the oldest one here by at least 30 years. The young men stand outside beneath the window and talk all night long. Even with special wax in my ears it is noisy. Also no place to put you stuff to easily use. Everything needs to be kept in a cage under the bed and locked. Someone took my towel that I had to pay 3 euros for. At least I have the bottom bunk! 50 euros for 2 nights.

Today I took the tour of Trinity College. Very interesting. Was one of the earliest colleges in Europe, started in 1528 by the orders of Queen Elizabeth. But no Catholics could attend until 1793 and no women until 1904. After the tour I had the opportunity to see the Book of Kells. This is a very old, about 800 AD, illustrated first four gospels of the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They think it was made in a monastery on the isle of Iona, Scotland, which I visited on my Scottish trip. The book originally was bound into one big book made of over 185 calves skins. Now it has been rebound into 4 separate volumes. I got to see, under glass, two of the volumes.

I still had some time so walked over to St. Patrick's Cathedral. A Cathedral begun in the 1100‘s to commemorate St. Patrick, but during the Irish reformation was taken over by the Protestant Church of England. Today was sunny, but much cooler and windy. As I started back to my bunk, the heavens let loose with a good Irish soaking. A cup of herbal tea and one of those delicious doughnuts helped a lot. I’m in for the night to be able to be up early to be sure to catch my tour bus a long walk from Abby’s Court Hostel.

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