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PaddyWagon Tours in Ireland

A bus stop to stretch our legs and enjoy the beautiful Irish...

Irish scenery

It was really a stop in the middle of no where.

Cong is very proud of being the place Quiet Man was filmed.

The Cong Abby

The Cong Abby

About Cong and the Abbey

A walk past the Abbey to an area where the monks fished.

Spanish Arches in Galway on the river Corrib

Fresh oysters fro Galway Bay, shucked when you buy them.

Enjoying fresh oysters in Galway/

My hostel in Galway. Was a small 2 bunk room I shared...

New tour friends Pat and Liz from New York, also visiting Ireland...

Dunguaire Castle

Low tied around the castle and part of the Galway estuary.

I am now taking a three day Paddy Wagon bus tour. The backpackers rate was $280US. That means I stay the nights in a Hostel. It was a pretty long drive from Dublin to Galway, but we had several stops. One was the city Cong where the movie Quiet Man was filmed with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Cong also features a ruined medieval abbey, Cong Abbey, build 1120, where Rory O'Connor, the last High King of Ireland, spent his last years. Of course the roof had been removed to save on taxes so not much was left except Abby ruins and a beautiful park like area where the monks used to fish.

We reached Galway in the late afternoon and I had time to check out the Spanish Arches. So named, our bus driver says, because the Spanish Armada wrecked nearby and the sailors rescued were later killed. Part of the complicated history of Ireland. Spain was going to help Ireland (Catholics) leave the control of England. Galway citizens were mostly English and did not support the effort.

I spent my evening in the Latin Quarter, a pedestrian area for tourists full of Pubs, restaurants and shops. Since it was Friday and payday it had a busy crowd. I was able to find the Tig Coili, meaning Collin’s house, Pub with some more good Irish Folk music. And since it was Osyster Festival time for Galway had some deliciousl oysters fresh from the Galway Bay. Then met up with tour friends Liz and Pat for dinner at the old Kings Head Pub and restaurant.

Our first stop on Saturday was at the Dunguaire Castle. Used in the movie Birds in the Heather with Kurt Russel. What was interesting to me was the water gushing out of the ground into the bay.

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