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A fairy tree is usually a hawthorn tree. People tie pieces of...

Scenic ruins across the road from the Fairy tree.

Wells near a Fairy tree are magical and can cure toothache and...

Baby Cliffs some miles before the actual Cliffs of Moher.

Baby Cliffs

Stopped for Lunch

Near Lunch Stop.

More delicious fish and chips.

Entrance to Cliffs of Moher, most spectacular scenic experience in Ireland, I...

Cliffs of Moher, left side.


Cliffs of Moher, right side.

Scary Cliff Walk without any guardrail.

Beautiful scenery, with sunshine!

All this relain makes for a lot of green.

My beautiful private room at the Annescual hostel.

After quite a long drive from Galway, and fortified with a good lunch we stopped at the ‘main attraction’ of the day, at least for me. The Cliffs of Moher. They run about 9 miles and are over 350 fee high. Every year about 15 people die from falls here. Most of the walks for viewing the Cliffs are protected by large slabs but farther up the slope there is only a dirt track, very muddy and slick from all the rain. I saw many fools standing on the cliff edge for selfies. But views were spectacular! I can’t imagine there any better 2 feet closer the the cliff edge.

After 2 hours for walking the trails we continued our long journey with many napping as I was, to our destination for the night. Annascaul, , a small village where PaddyWagon has their own restaurant, hotel, and hostel. Since I booked the backpackers tour I was sent to the hostel area, but they only had two hostel rooms a 4 bed, that a group quickly spoke up for and a 10 bed mixed (men and women) room for the rest of us. I just wasn’t comfortable with that so I asked if I could pay extra for a private room. Luck was certainly with me for only 40 euros more I got a beautiful just refinished bedroom, last one available. My own big bed and a hair dryer! Dryers area so welcome after a drizzly day. And most days have drizzle. Spent a really nice evening with dinner and later a walk to a nearby pub with Liz and Pat for a Guinness in front of an actual Turf fire. This was another thing I wanted to experience while in Ireland.

I should mention that in Galway I did sleep in a hostel room, but was very nice, and with only 2 other young ladies from the tour.

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