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Morning tea

Waiting for the train (not a good selfie)

Amusing themselves on the train

Washing everywhere...no chairs left to sit on

We are on the move again today; off on the next part of our adventure. Our visit to this area has been far too short however, it's either see fewer places for longer times or more places for less. I'd love to come back to Levanto for a longer period...it doesn't have to be to live however a month or so would be nice. I wouldn't want to leave Buddy for any longer than that (I'm assuming Pete would want to come too). I had another restless night with Joe...he's still coughing and got up once to close our bedroom window even though we had the roller shutters down. He reckoned there were noisy people outside.

We don't have to be out of the apartment until 10:30 so we took our time packing up. The kids went to the beach for a few photos and Joe went to have a shower before we set off. Uh oh, no hot water even though I'd been using it to wash dishes not long before. I messaged Nicolo, our host and he came in about 40 minutes and, you guessed it, it was working again. He indicated that it could be a bit dodgy....same as the electronic front gate which gave us a few challenges. We also had a mad panic because Joe couldn't find his phone. He had it at the cafe last night and we turned the apartment upside down trying to find it. We decided he'd either left it at the cafe or on the brick wall outside when he was wrestling with the gate. Jenni mentioned he'd gone into their room when we got home and I'd forgotten his case was in there. I went in and lifted up a few clothes and yahoo, there it was. Much celebration all round.

We said farewell to our cosy home and walked through the town to a cafe on the route to the train station. We stopped for morning coffee and Georgia had another apricot jam-filled biscuit with her hot chocolate. She's a bit keen on the biscuits. The kids hot chocolates were so think they looked like melted chocolate. Jenni visited a shop a few doors down and made a purchase and then we completed our walk to the train station.

Our train was due in on platform 1 and when we arrived at the station, there was already a train waiting. I checked the departures board and there was supposed to be another train leaving from platform 1 before ours. We waited, and waited and the train didn't move out. All of a sudden there was a mad panic with people coming from everywhere to get on the train. I checked with the guard before we boarded as I didn't want us going in the wrong direction and he confirmed it was our train. Don't know what happened to the other one. We boarded, found seats and room for our luggage and ourselves and were soon off on the first leg of the journey....Levanto to La Spezia.

Thirty minutes later we were in the cafe at the railway station ordering lunch before boarding the train to Firenze. The regional trains don't have food or water available and the journey is 2 1/2 hours so we though we'd better eat before we left. We made sure we packed plenty of water before we left Levanto. The train arrived and we don't have allocated seats so we piled on, grabbed seats and then piled our luggage on another couple of seats. There's no baggage storage area in these trains so its first in, best dressed.

We arrived in Firenze after a bit of a 'milk run' journey. The train stops at what appears.to be all stations between La Spezia and Florence. Cinzia, our host's wife was there to meet us as promised and after a 20 minute walk, we arrived at the apartment. Mother lovely apartment with a mezzanine floor with a double and single bed. Downstairs, the couch is a sofa bed. It's in a good position and once we'd had a cuppa and put a load of washing on, Jenni and I set out to find the supermarket for a few bits and pieces for breakfast, a beer and some chips. We decided dinner tonight can be a whatever you can find dinner. Jenni and I had bread and honey (thanks Dad and Gordon), Georgia had cereal and Joe, a banana. Very healthy....mmmmm!

Time for bed and there was a bit of a discussion about who was sleeping where as both kids wanted to sleep upstairs. Jenni and I didn't really want to share a bed and up until now, we've had one kid and one adult to a bed. Finished up with 3 of us upstairs and Jenni on the sofa bed. The kids were quite chatty so we had to lay down the law to get them to settle down. We have our Siena, San Giamgnano and Pisa tour tomorrow and it's a big day so we have to be up early. Poor old Joe had a real bout of coughing and was up and down getting water but eventually went off to sleep. Hopefully he has a good nights sleep.

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