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The replica of the statue of David

Looking from the Uffizi Gallery across the Arno

On the Ponte Vecchio

Which jewellery should we buy from Nana?

Cute little postie bike

The Pitti Palace

We promised ourselves a chill out day today so most of the team slept late. I was up earlier than the rest and went to the supermarket to buy some goodies for breakfast and general snacks. The chocolate cluster cereal wasn't a winner so I found something that resembles a weet-bix. They went down quite well with everyone.

We set off late morning to find the Disney shop. J and G were both keen to buy things as gifts for others and possibly something for themselves. Jenni and I decided to leave them to it (with instructions not to go anywhere else) while we went to the wool shop so Jenni could buy some wool. It wasn't far away and we found it with a minimum of fuss. Back to the kids and they'd finished their shopping. They were waiting in the store as someone was hassling them for money when they stood outside. Bathroom break time so we popped into a cafe and bought a caffe latte for us and a slice of pizza each for the kids. We decided we'd had enough for the time being so walked back to the apartment.

The kids and I went out later as I wanted them to at least see the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio. We walked through Piazza della Signoria near the Uffizi Gallery and saw the replica of David and other statues, down past the gallery and along the river. I pointed out the passageway the Medicins used to travel from this side of the river, over the Ponte Vecchio and on to the Pitti Palace. The kids were entranced by the gold shops on the bridge and Joe was very determined to buy something. I had to distract home with the promise of a gelato. We set off to find the lovely little gelato shop we went to last year and where the lady was so helpful with Riley's allergy. After a few false starts, we found it and bought an ice cream each. I had fig and it was so fresh and delicious. We walked down past the Pitti Palace (not so exciting for the kids) and then set off for home. One the way, we stopped at the cafe where Sarah had a cannoli last year and the kids had one each. A bit of memory lane for me.

We arrived home and had a bit of a rest, a cheese toastie and crops for dinner. Jenni wanted to have a look at the San Lorenzo markets so we set off without the kids. They weren't interested in coming. We set out following google maps and soon found what we were looking for. Jenni bought a few things and then it was time to go home. The trip back didn't go so well as we came out of the markets in a different place however soon sorted things out and found our way home.

One thing the kids have really noticed is the number of smokers there are and how unpleasant it is in many places because of the number of smokers and the amount of smoke. Hopefully they keep it in mind.

We had a reasonably early night again. I did my usual trick of falling asleep in front of the TV and then reading my book.

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