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A very rainy tour of Glendalough, a monastic settlement from about 500...

Many Celtic cross tombstones at Glendalough.

Glendalough ruins in the background.

Sheep herding demonstration at Glendalough.

A short tour through the allyways of Kilkenny.

How doctors dressed during the plagues, to scare the disease away.

The horns of an extinct elk, placed at the height they would...

A part of the old wall on my way to the Black...

Beautiful stained glass in the Black Abby

Some history of the Black Abby

The real Holly Wood

Rainy tour of the beautiful Wicklow Mountains.

This is my last bus tour in Ireland today. A return to Glendalough and Kilkenny Castle,w here I have already been. But I spent all my time at the Kilkenny Castle first time and this time I wanted to do some shopping and see some more of historical Kilkenny. I also wanted the chance to see the beautiful Wicklow Mountain scenery.

It was the coldest rainy day of my time in Ireland. Making any sightseeing pretty miserable. I skipped most of the Glendalough walking tour and visited the museum instead. The day in Kilkenny was also rainy but I visited the Roth House, a look into what it was like to live in Kilkenny in the 1600's. Also a stop at the Black Abby and a some shopping for wool scarves. The drive through the Wicklow mountains was without stops and viewing from rain streaked bus windows, although still enjoyed the beautiful scenery. A day like this only made me appreciate all the nice days I have already had.

We passed Holllywood, Ireland. The bus driver told the story of a poor Irish boy who immigrated to the US during the famine, he worked hard, was successful, moved to California and bought property in the mountains and named it after his home in Ireland, Holly Wood.

Arriving back in Dublin with pouring rain, I had to pick up my luggage and find the express bus to Swords. I was under the mistaken opinion that the last express bus was at 6:45 pm and I barely made it to the bus stop, soaking wet, with wet hair and soaked to the skin. I unfortunately did not have any change and the smallest paper money I had was a 10 euro note. When the bus drive said they only accepted change and he couldn’t take a credit card either, I gave him my most (and not too hard to do under the circumstances), pitiful look and said I HAD TO GET TO SWORDS, and stuck the very wet 10 euro note into the change box! Getting into my dry room over the Forty Four Pub in Swords never felt so good.

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