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What we left

pool and hot tub left behind

new lot

footings in ground

Shape begins


Insulation and heating lines

1st concrete arrives

looking smooth

skating rink smooth

Happy Easter all. Hope this finds you all safe and healthy with what is happening around us today. Just a few pictures of work to date on new house. We had luck on our side this week as we were able to continue work as our job was already in progress. Pixs of forms, footings, insulation, plumbing, heating prior to concrete covering it all. Walls start tomorrow then roof trusses next week. Randi's surgery has been delayed due to what's happening, not for too long we hope. Watching Nascar virtual race from Bristol this PM, if you didn't know better you would swear it is real, the video and audio are excellent. That's it for today all, again take care and keep your distance.

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