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rear sun room

more doors/windows

Hello all. As you can see the steel for the roof is going on, doors and windows are in place and the rear sun room is roofed. We hoped to have roof finished this week but unfortunately the wind and COLD weather has slowed the pace today. Roofing acts like a huge sail in the wind so that's why the slowdown. Watching final virtual race this weekend from N Wilksboro NC then its back to real racing next weekend from Darlington SC. They are planning 7 races in 11 days so should be interesting. As well no practicing or qualifying, just unload off the trucks and hit the track at 200 MPH wow. Unfortunately like all things right now no fans will be in attendance. Randi received word this morning her surgery is back on for next Wed, we sure didn't think it would happen so quickly when they re-started.

Talked to the plumber this week for details, electrician next for lights and placement. Take care all and keep your stick on the ice.

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