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in my element!

Jason...stop it with the pictures!

What I would give!!!

a foggy day at the beach

Whatcha doing Jay??

Playing in the dunes

yup still playing

That's me being a good model

Fisherman's warf

Me and Jay

A walk in the redwoods

This one's for you Jess!

The California Red woods

sundowners at the beach

Stop feeding the wildlife DUSTIN!!!!!

Breakfast at the Evanger house

This one's for you mom

So, I finally finished the vet school application process...thank goodness I wasn't sure it was ever going to end!!!! But I did survive it and now it is time to play!!! Jason (my other brother) was the first to arrive for the wedding festivities. I had to help my mom a bit, but for the most part we tried to run away as often as possible and go to the beach. Soon my brothers Matteo and Dustin arrived and we all got to hang out together. I don't think I have ever watched so much sport in all my life!! It was baseball or football all day every day!! We had a good time hanging out though and doing what we could to get ready for the wedding. My mom and I and the boys got to go on a nice hike in the Redwoods and then out for drinks. Did a cartwheel for you Jess!! I then went up to Davis for the night to go to Ravi's (my sister to be) bridal shower/mendi party. It was a great time...I especially enjoyed the henna, brought back memories of those college days of avoiding studying.

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