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Matteo and Frank

Me and Yvette

My henna

Me and my brothers

More of me and my brothers

Me and my cousin Bruno


Can't you see the fear in his eyes??

Dustin and his girl

Trent and Yvette

Me and my cousins Bruno and Roberto

Me and Jay (notice the super cool henna)

Waiting for Taco's (Me, my cousin Roberto, Uncle Bill and Carol)

Hanging out durning the rehersal dinner

We worked all day setting up for the wedding and making sure everyone had a vague idea of their part in the ceremony. I was terrified that I was really going to have to get up in front of over two hundred people and do a reading...but I figured it was a big day so I could suck it up and do my part. After the rehearsal we went to my parent's house and enjoyed a taco night rehearsal dinner and the food was to die for!!! It had been almost a year since I had decent Mexican food (South Africa isn't known for it's taco's) and I was a happy girl to see the taco man roll up with all the fixings. After the dinner all of us kids took Matteo out for what would be his last night on the town as a single man. I was of course the responsible designated driver, and I thought my brothers actually wanted to spend time with me...they just wanted a driver! You would think that by now I would have learned! We had a great night out and by the time my head finally hit the pillow I was fast asleep.

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