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me and my Lisa

Mom and Matteo

My new nephews

The little men of the family

Can't get much more adorable

The wedding nazi (Jus) and Sarbjit


What a beautiful flower girl!!

Here they come!!

Ravi and her Dad

Here comes the bride!

This is it!!!

Glad I made it through this one!!

For better or for worse

That's my Uncle BIll!!

That's us again!

Aren't we cute!?!?!


Me and my udder brudder Trent


The flowers we worked so hard on

Dustin and his girl

Can you feel the love??!?!

Jay and Lisa

Jason! Hands off my date!

My other daddy Tracy

Too cute!

Can you tell how much fun we were having???

My aunties


The happy couple


look at how happy he is!

The mother-son dance

Mama and Roberto

That's me...can't say I remember taking this one

Good times


Mr. and Mrs. Evanger

The whole fam-damly

The wedding party

Some sage advice from Uncle Bill

Matteo and Ravi's wedding was beautiful!! The ceremony and the reception were held at my grandma and grandpa's house in Prunedale. The back drop of the ceremony was the Monterey Peninsula and while we were all dreading the forecasted rain the clouds parted just in time for the vows to be said. There were over two hundred people in attendance and the air was buzzing with excitement as we all waited for the big moment. I took my seat in the front row with my date (Lisa) and was so excited for Matteo, I couldn't believe I was finally going to get that sister I had always wanted. The music started and we were soon delighted to see the wedding party make their way to the 'alter'. The girls were beautiful in their red dresses and the guys were looking mighty dapper in their suites. Everyone was charmed by the three little ring bearers and Yasmine made the most beautiful flower girl. I think it took everything my mom had to keep from bawling all the way down the aisle as she accompanied Matteo along what would be his last steps as a single man. And finally Ravi made her way down the aisle with her father by her side. What a stunning bride!! Her dress was breath taking and watching her walk down the aisle brought tears to most everyone's eyes. The ceremony began and as I looked up just before I had to get up to do a reading I saw the tears running down Matteo's took everything I had to compose myself long enough to get the words out, but I did it. The ceremony was beautiful and before we knew it Mr. and Mrs.William Matteo Evanger were walking back down the aisle, this time together as husband and wife.

We went into the house and shared in a bottle of champaign to toast the bride and groom before heading outside for what seemed like hours of picture taking. And then....the party began!!! The food was amazing (South Africa introduced me to Indian food and now I am an addict!!) and the drinks were fabulous. We danced and laughed all night long, I love my family!!! I woke up the next morning with a few unexplainable bruises and a sore throat...a good sign that the night was well spent! And now, my brother is a married man!!

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