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I'm having a ....

Go on you can do it!

There's our chopper to the glacier

Looking good guys

The Glacier from the air

The Adventurer's have landed

It's huge, but just can't see it from this.

Ice Cave

Intrepid Explorers

Cool as Ice!

Wanaka was somewhere that was recommended to us by a few people, as a smaller version of Queenstown, but a little quieter and not so many adrenalin sports, so we went.

Well again this town was located on a lake and very nice it was too, we managed to find a little tramp to do, doesn't sound right does it, see what I mean. Anyway we hiked up to the top of Mount Iron and had again some lovely views of the surrounding area as well as Puzzleworld, Wanaka's answer to Bungy Jumping! Not really but it was a laugh and not too scary, as you can see.

It was then time to head up to Glacier Country to meet up with Rod & Michaela again and have a long weekend with them, as it was Labour Day and they had some time off. We met at Franz Joseph Glacier and had a blast.

There is something about snow & ice that has a magical feel and those of you who know Tracey well, will know that she relates it to that Christmassy feeling, so what the hell lets go and do a helihike, you only live once!

So $320 pp later and off we went in a chopper to land on the Franz Joseph Glacier and then up and around the glacier to do a hike, it was amazing. Just flying over the glacier gives you a sense of the size of it and then landing on it and being left in the middle of this moving piece of ice was incredible.

A guide took us around for the next 2 hours up and down crevaces and through ice arches etc..just cool, there was only 10 people so it made it very interactive, all you could hear was the choppers doing the scenic flights above. Check out the photo's which as always just don't do it justice, but give you an idea of the size of the glacier.

The following days we managed a few walks and bunk down with a few of Rod's long lost relatives on the west coast which was nice, feel like part of the family now.

Then it was time for them to go back to work and for us to continue on our own around the country.

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