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Not much to report from good old Davis. I have just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. My boss has been out of the country for the last week so I have yet to actually start work and will go insane if I have much more of this sitting around!! I have been keeping myself as busy as possible getting settled into my room and have actually started working with the horses again which has been great for my head. I have also started working back at the Dixon Vet Clinic and Dr. Timm has certainly been entertaining. So I haven't actually just been sitting around, I am just anxious to get started at work. Now the news that everyone is waiting for. Matteo and Ravi have arrived back in The US thank goodness!!!!! It has been such chaos with the hurricane and I am sure we will get to hear all about it when they get home. They are due to arrive at the airport at seven this evening. Turns out they managed to charter a plane to Chicago from Cancun. I bet they are relieved just to be back. I will let you know if they have any crazy stories to share...which I am sure they will.



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