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Mar 23, 2014 - Cete Cidades National Park to Santa Ines, Brazil

Sunday 23rd March 2014 Sete Cidades National Park to Santa Ines, Brazil Up really early today for a very long drive on our way to the Amazon River and the ferry from Belem. It was hot and extremely humid by the time we packed up our very dewy tents and then set off. When we stopped for lunch at the side of the road we had to put our tents up again to dry them out because they won’t be used for some time. A long day’s drive ensued with a few heavy showers on the way, passing through many small Northern Brazilian towns that are mostly dirty...

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Oct 12, 2012 - São Luis

Après 4 bus et 20 heures, nous sommes enfin arrivés à São Luis mais à 4 heures du matin. Dans le terminal de bus, tout était fermé, nous avons donc pris un taxi jusqu'au centre historique. Par contre, là, c'était vraiment la galère. Toutes les pousadas qui avaient l'air dans notre budget étaient fermées, n'avaient pas de sonnette et ne répondaient pas quand on toquait à la porte. Celles qui étaient ouvertes étaient beaucoup trop chères. Après avoir tourné en rond durant une heure, puis attendu assis parterre avec nos sacs sur le trottoir...

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Jan 27, 2010 - Sao Luis, Brasil

Here is the start of some short entries as we made our way down the coast of Brazil. Our first stop after Belem was Sao Luis. It is renowned for being very typical of Portuguese building style. It´s a UNESCO site, though there are tons of those in South America. We stayed in a hostal in the old center. The buildings were nice, they are a different style than the ones in Spanish South America. The ones here were covered with Portuguese style blue and white tiles on the fronts so as to try and keep the buildings cooler. Not that it seems to...

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Nov 9, 2009 - Lencois Marahenses

Vom Dschungel aus mussten wir eine ziemliche Odyssee hinter uns bringen um an unser naechstes Ziel, den Nationalpark von Lencois Marahenses, zu kommen. Zuerst ein viel zu teurer und viel zu verspaeteter Flug von Tabatinga nach Manaus, dann eine viel zu lange Wartezeit um den Anschlussfug nach Sao Luis zu bekommen wo wir dann mal wieder von einem Taxifahrer abgezockt wurden um an unsere Unterkunft zu kommen. Also wenn man in Suedamerika ein Koleriker ist wird man entweder davon geheilt oder der ganze Aerger bringt einen um. Ich lebe noch,...

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Jul 29, 2008 - Brazilia, Sao Luis, Lencois Marenhaus, Parnaiba

Well the trip is finally starting to turn into more of an adventure, post brazilia that is .... Why do people keep thinking that making up cities is good idea? Brazilia and Canberra are perfect examples that no amount of round abouts and tricky town planning (brazilia is set out life an aircraft, 2 wings and main street as the cockpit) can make up for a little bit of atmosphere that comes with time, and unplanned growth of a city. We did however enjoy one thing about Brazilia - we got to see the latest Batman flick in English with giant...

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Mar 14, 2007 - Sao Luis, Brazil

THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2007. SAO LUIS, BRAZIL. Jeff and I arrived in Sao Luis last night. It's an old colonial port city with French and Portuguese influence. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage site with colorfully restored colonial buildings, many decorated with tiles similar to those found in Lisbon, Portugal. After Sao Luis, we will continue northwest to Belem, where the Amazon river enters the Atlantic ocean. From Belem, we plan to catch a slow boat (they are all slow) up the Amazon river to Santorem.

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Mar 10, 2007 - Parnaiba, Brazil

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007. PARNAIBA, BRAZIL. Today we took a short boat tour of the Parnaiba delta, the only delta flows into the open sea. It was very similar, but a lot smaller, than the Okavanko delta in Botswana (Africa), where I visited earlier in my RTW travels. We plan to catch a bus to Tutoia this afternoon as we continue our way northwest to Belem. Due to the fast pace of our travels, my journal updates may be a bit behind than usual.

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Jun 25, 2006 - Belem-São Luis

Ayer tomé un bus a São Luis, un viaje de 800 km en 14 horas. La pista estaba bastante mala. Llegamos a las 11pm y encontramos un hotel con unos franceses (ya me estoy olvidando el frances!). Salimos a caminar y justo estaban celebrando la fiesta de São João (o Mumba Meu Boi).....es una fiesta que dura DOS SEMANAS que celebran a un toro que tiene una leyenda antigua sobre el. Mucha musica, todos disfrazados, bailando, hasta el toro baila!, etc.....bonito recibimiento. Despues nos dimos cuenta que tienen estos bailes en varios sitios de la...

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