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Jun 28, 2016 - Morinville - appliances

Today saw the delivery of 18 appliances, 6 per suite, and Sam and I sorting out the stacking of the dryer on each washing machine. One call to Home Depot and the heavy lifting part was taken care of by the delivery guys, at no charge. Holy crap they wanted $80 per dryer to stack them, and that after a $20k appliance order, not likely! HVAC also finished their work, and even came back to add an extension to one dryer vent that the drywall guys managed to bury inside the wall, honestly, it makes you wonder what kind of work is acceptable to...

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Jun 27, 2016 - Morinville - steps and garage drywall

While stair stringers were cut, we took a load to the city dump. Came back and stairs at the front were being screwed in place. Once they were done, it was rest for the elderly (us....ppptthhbbtt) and off to get drywall for the young uns! In the space of about 4 hours all four inner walls were drywalled, boy do they move fast! I don't remember when I last worked so hard, and I definitely couldn't keep up with them. Still drywall done, we got down to sweeping the garage floors, much more our speed. Stuff put away and back 'home' we went, and...

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Jun 26, 2016 - Morinville - Hoopla

Back steps built today by Sam and Jamie, tomorrow front steps, meanwhile, we babysat Kalona, and played hoopla with a can of beans and 4 glo-sticks, and she coloured a few pictures with Grandma.....then made a list of things she wanted to do in Nanaimo. We had a quiet day otherwise, resting up before tackling the mountain passes, lower mainland and ferry all over again!

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Jun 25, 2016 - Morinville - oil change/parade

Got the last oil change of the trip done this morning, should be able to make it home now, all fluids look good, truck seems to be behaving. I went up to Grandin Ave and saw a little of the Morinville parade and some of the cars at the Show and Shine. About 50 or so cars, weather not cooperating otherwise I'm sure there would have been more. One Austin Healy in the show, the rest were domestic old cars and trucks. Elaine's favourite 67-69 Camaro were in attendance. The parade included a freight truck/train grain vehicle.....never seen...

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Jun 24, 2016 - Morinville - concrete forms

Forms come off today, concrete is already dry enough to walk on, not drive though for another week or so. We cleaned each suite, caulked, Sam did that, I was too slow for her and I mucked it up behind a tap, grrr!! JD came over to visit in the evening, he stayed overnight, no way was he driving after he sniffed the wine cork, he could barely stand, lol.....we all had a couple of glasses and that was enough to put us all to sleep!

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Jun 23, 2016 - Morinville - concrete

A quiet day today, by lunchtime, trucks arrived and concrete was being poured on the new forms for sidewalk, path and driveways. Nothing really going on at the triplex since access was difficult. Supper at Cajun House with Kevin and Catherine, just got there and the heavens opened up, wow what a storm!!! Great supper, good visit and catch up, got home and it rained some more, maybe we need a sub?

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Jun 22, 2016 - Morinville - Electrician

Well the electrician didn't show up this morning, he was finishing his other job, he again promised to be at the triplex with a full crew and have everything done by the end of the week, not sure we should fall for his empty promises again, but They did show up at lunchtime and they stayed until Friday and completed everything. 𣾎 I did a hologram jigsaw with Kalona and took her to the park while Laney and Sam went on an appointment. Felt nauseous after the jigsaw, man the picture on each piece keep moving! The park was a few blocks away...

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Jun 21, 2016 - Morinville - Concrete/Plumber/Garage Doors

All forms for concrete pouring on Wed and now in, gravel pack done, rebar in, should be a busy day tomorrow for the concrete crew. Plumber was there early, spent the whole day and all plumbing work is now done, tiling and grout done, clean up started. Garage doors installed, next week garage door openers will be installed. Now we can move stuff out of the storage unit into the garages and complete remaining activities without having to zip over to the storage yard for needed tools, etc. Electrician promised to be at the complex either this...

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Jun 20, 2016 - Morinville - Triplex

Well after 10 days of slaving away and only hearing crickets outside, a concrete work crew showed up today. Forms laid out for a sidewalk, big picture of intent for driveway, and walk all around the one side of the building, and away they went, so much noise you could hardly hear yourself think, so I watched instead! Sam and Laney worked on grout in one bathroom, a couple came by to check out the rental situation and availability, will have to wait and see if this fits their needs or not. The plumber showed up and a delivery of toilets, now...

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Jun 19, 2016 - Morinville - Fathers Day

Met my son Mark and Jenn and the grandkids for breakfast at Cora's! Long wait, packed restaurant, but we got in eventually.....we need a Cora's in Nanaimo! Went over to JD's and watched Hateful Eight, not a feel good movie and typical Quentin Tarantino. Pizza for supper and a flying visit from Sam before her ball game, and watched Who To Invade Next. Canada has been aligning to the wrong nation, just check out the movie and see what mainland European governments provide their citizens to improve their quality of life and health! Good movie...

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Jun 18, 2016 - Morinville - car show

Went down to Victoria Park to check out the cars at the All British Field Meet put on by the Alberta British Motoring Society. They had a $20 entry fee to show your car(s) and to pay for the cost of the park which the City of Edmonton levies. I estimated about 50 cars in attendance, about the same number as had pre-registered to participate. Someone forgot to tell them that the only access to the park, River road, would be blocked for half of the morning while a marathon was running. Likely some people gave up and went home, too bad saw...

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Jun 17, 2016 - Morinville - counter install

We installed the counter tops today, in all three suites, and the foundation guy finished his mopping and sump system check tasks, we also finished the faulty closet while Laney completed pealing the protective paper off all the cabinets. Picked up Ernie, he missed us, and we went and babysat Kalona at the apartment to give Sam a break for the evening.

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