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Jul 30, 2013 - Toronto (ON) to Grafton (ON)

I had a wonderful four-day rest at home. I did most of my running-around on the first day so that I could relax for the remaining three. On Sunday, our wedding anniversary, Kerstin surprised me by taking me for a flight in a glider, something I had never done before. It was an unforgettable experience. I was tempted to forgo the rest of the ride, but that would not have been in my nature. So this morning I awoke at 4:00 am, had breakfast and headed to Toronto to rejoin the group. I arrived at the Novotel Hotel in North York at about 6:00...

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Feb 21, 2011 - Depart Toronto!

I uploaded some photos of what we're leaving behind. Goodbye winter!!! We've become master packers and have easily fit everything we think we'll need into a 65 litre back pack. I even have enough room for a tripod so I hope to get a chance to use it. One thing (among the many!) we've learned while traveling is how little one really needs. We're on our way! The trip started out with a bit of sweating on my part as I watched the Air Canada check in lady count on her fingers after looking at the expiry date on our passports. Uh oh. After...

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Nov 14, 2009 - Planning!

I think I've got the final details in place! The flights are booked. The Nairobi tour is booked. I've finally booked the last 4 days that we're not with a GAP tour group. Ultra light sleeping bags have been purchased and some gifts for people we meet on the way. Deposits are paid and now it's just a waiting game. COME ON JANUAARY!!!

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Aug 1, 2008 - Grafton, Ontario

Had a swim in the pool this morning and sat in the sun for a while. I managed to change 6 books at the book swap so that should keep me going for a while!! We should have checked out at 11am but they said we could stay until the new people wanting our spot arrived. It so happened that the couple I chatted to while changing my books were the new couple so Steve and I sat and chatted to them for about an hour and finally left at 12pm. We had a fairly short trip along the Ontario Waterfront Trail, although we only caught a glimpse of the water...

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