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Jul 16, 2009 - Santa Marta

A notre retour du parc Tairona, on profite un peu de Santa Marta et ses alentours. C’est ainsi que nous visitons Taganga, un petit village de pecheurs a 20min de la ville. L’endroit est devenu touristique . Les plages, certe jolies, sont comblés de touristes locaux et etrangers. Nous nous baignons dans l’eau claire et paisibe de la mer. Le jour suivant nous nous rendons a un autre endroit, les cascades de Valencia. Au bout d’un sentier a travers la jungle, nous arrivons a une grande parroi rocheuse mais facil a escalader. Il devrait y avoir...

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Jul 16, 2009 - Playa Cabo San Juan

The next morning right on schedule our “taxi” arrived. We arrived at our new campsite and thought that we really should protest something. Tents were everywhere and it looked like a tent city. Don’t most people in tent cities protest something. We could protest their definition of a walk and insist they name it properly. Day two at the beach was not a super hot day, but was sufficient enough to catch some sun. Tents at Cabo San Juan are $50,000 a night, and bathrooms and showers are 500 pesos. It is hard to remember to take money...

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Jul 15, 2009 - Parque Tayrona

Another adventure, everything is packed and we were ready to go. Cory found a list on line that says Parque Tayrona is number 2 on a list of top 10 beaches in the world. Number 9 was a beach in Atitutaki, Cook Islands where Cory and Elaine spent some time on their honeymoon. If number 9 had impressed them, number 2 had to be way better. Maury, a new staff member at Casa de Felippe had sat down and explained the layout at Parque Tayrona, and he recommended the first campsite at Dom Pedro. First we had to jump on a local shuttle bus to...

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Jul 11, 2009 - Parc Tairona

De Cartagena nous allons a Santa Marta. Santa Marta est également situé sur la cote, mais la ville est plus petite et moins pittoresque que Cartagena. Nous campons cette nuit sur la plage de la ville mais le sommeil est dur a cause de la chaleur. Il y a près de Santa Marta le Parc National Tairona. C’est un parc côtier partagé entre jungle et plages. Nous y passons en tout six jours. Ce sont six jours de détente, de soleil, de plage, et de ballades dans la jungle. Malgré quelques touristes le parc est relativement tranquille mais son entrée...

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Jul 9, 2009 - Day to Day routine

Well it turned out to be a very good thing that Cory and Elaine had their own bathroom as Elaine was having some Pepto Bismal moments, choosing the diarrea option. The wonderful beef must have been too rich for her system. Cory decided to return to Santa Marta because he had forgotten to pick something up yesterday. Elaine chose to stay close to home, relaxing in the hammock reading her book and getting her exercise by running back and forth to the bathroom. Cory returned and was very excited, it didn’t take Elaine and I long to join in...

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Jul 8, 2009 - Suite and Shopping in Santa Marta

Well it turned out that our wait for our room was much longer than we had anticipated. Two hours became three became four, only to discover that they had a problem with the toilet and were not able to fix it today. This meant going back to our previous room in the hopes that it would be available tomorrow. Elaine and Cory were sitting with a Welsh fellow named Alex, when the idea came to them, why not take the suite and use the shared bathroom. Alex who is fluent in Spanish put this suggestion to the girl on the front desk and she agreed it...

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Jul 6, 2009 - Taganga and La Case del Felippe

It was another short nights sleep before the alarm went at 6:00 a.m. Cory and Elaine showered and packed up the bags. We were ready at 6:50 and figured we had enough time to grab a quick bite before the shuttle. Unfortunately nothing was open yet, and at 7:00 a.m. precisely, the shuttle arrived. We were the first passengers, and by the time everyone was picked up it was 8:00 a.m and the reason for the early readiness became clear. When the shuttle stopped for gas we were able to grab a quick bite and a drink, which sustained us for the 4 ½...

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Apr 18, 2009 - Parque Tayrona: Hike to Chairama Pueblito

We woke up to clouds today. Rather sad since we wanted to get in a bit more sunshine before leaving the park but also good since it made us less sad to leave and to return to the comforts of warmth and a bed at night. We did the hour hike up to the old Tayrona ruins of El Pueblo where a few Koggi Indian families still living. The hike was rather gruelling as we had to navigate around giant stones the whole way up. The pueblo was nice but nothing spectacular. Its not entirely excavated and much no longer remains to it is hard to see what an...

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Apr 17, 2009 - Parque Tayrona: Beaches and the Piscina

Another beautiful day!!! We were up for breakfast and then did the 15 minute hike over to the Piscina, a natural pool in the ocean with giant Seychelles-like rocks to climb. It was heaven. Later on, we headed back for a late lunch and a bit of beach. It was another really calm night hanging with some beers and our friends. I was freezing again though less so since I decided to put on every last article of clothing I had brought with me so no part of my body was vulnerable to the wind.

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Apr 16, 2009 - Parque Tayrona: Death Boat Ride to Heaven

I had read that the boat ride to Tayrona Park could be rough. I never thought it could be THAT rough. WOW was I mistaken. We spent the first part of the trip trying to outrun the Coast Guard (I guess we were overloaded in violation of the Colombian rules ) and had to spent an hour hiding out on some beach tucked behind a cove. We then silently made our way across the bay to escape the Coast Guard. We were happy to be back on our way to the Park but OMIGOD, the waves were SOOOO big and huge and sitting in the front, the three of us got the...

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Apr 15, 2009 - Taganga: Fishing local-style

At 7 am, we were down at the waterfront crawling into Capi's boat and setting out to our fishing destination. They handed us hand-lines while we made our way and Mar managed to catch a big tuna fish! At our destination, we enjoyed the sun and water and I caught a little snapper. Mar caught more herself but Capi ended up doing a lot of the fishing. By 10 we were back up to the hotel for a morning dip and breakfast with tons of our fresh-caught fish which we planned on eating that night. We decided to head back to Playa Grande for the rest of...

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Apr 14, 2009 - Taganga: Playa Grande

I was the first one to roll out of bed this morning and wander out onto the patio in my pjs to enjoy the views of the town and the blue bay of Caribbean waters. We enjoyed our included breakfast, took a dip in the pool, stocked up on water, beer and snacks and headed over the mountain through a cactus-filled desert-like mound before heading down to Playa Grande 15 minutes away. Cristal clear blue-green waters, refreshing and cool. We enjoyed every minute of it. Taganga was the best! We met a fisherman named Capi and made arrangements to go...

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