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Feb 5, 2013 - Ao Nang/Penang/Medan/Palau Weh(Sabang)

Next stop Ao Nang, which means in English “disconnect brain and relax”……nearly two weeks of just that, along with great snorkelling, too much beer. Back again at For You House which has been leased out to a Muslim lady. Unfortunately said lady has no English, sits behind the reception desk either picking her nose (a universal Asian practice) or watching very loud soapies on massages and TV. Makes such a difference if you bond with the staff – our regular lady, Braa, is leaving so should be interesting if we stay there again. Anyway, had a...

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We need a holiday!

Jul 15, 2012 - Sumatra - Days 26 - 28 - Paradise, Aquarium Snorkeling

Pulau Weh, WOW what an amazing place. It’s so beautiful on this island. This is exactly what we both needed, some rest, relaxation, snorkeling and diving. We would highly recommend this wonderful gem, we found a place called ‘Yulia’s’, right on the waterfront, small treetop bungalows at a very reasonable price ($9 Canadian per night), very basic but wonderful. Our tree house is a little crooked, it happens to lean backwards a bit, when you are in bed you feel like all the blood rushes to your head. LOL You don’t dare make too much movement...

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Jul 12, 2012 - Sumatra - Day 25 - 2004 Tsunami Devastation

Woke up this morning nice and early, took a stroll over to the local vegetable, fish and meat market. Before you even reached the market, your nose tolled you that you were headed in the right direction due to the strong smells coming from the fish market. Good thing both of us wore our long pants and running shoes. The cement floors were covered in fish scales, guts, blood and puddles of water. The place was alive with activity and we were welcomed in with smiles and invitations to take photos of the days fresh catches and of the locals...

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Jul 11, 2012 - Sumatra - Day 24 - Banda Aceh

Woke up this morning at 6am, in preparation to leave and catch the bus up to the base of the mountain at 7:30am. However, just as we were about to leave the weather took a change for the worst and it started to drizzle down rain. The skies were grey, with no signs of letting clearing up anytime soon. Jason quickly got onto the internet and looked up the weather forecast for Berastagi and Ketambe. Both places were to be riddled with rain over the next four days, sadly we made the decision not to do the climb. Safety first. We arranged...

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Apr 1, 2012 - Anniversary Day & Sabang

What a delightful surprise we found here on this island at the most northern tip of Indonesia. It's funny how people perceive situations ~ when Rick and I left the ship, we talked to another couple coming back on and they told us about how they didn't like the village as the locals were bothering them. Rick and I found out quickly that they weren't bothering, but that they were just curious about us. The children would follow us down the street, they would stare. They wanted to look at us and touch us. They wanted their pictures taken and...

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Mar 31, 2012 - Me Day

Today is another sea day. Got up early to work on the travelogue again, which is challenging due to the satellite Internet connection we have at sea. Many things are offered on the ship, today I participated in the yoga class, got a facial and a pedicure. This evening we were invited to a private cocktail party. It was amazing that many of the people we already met on-board were at this party, so it was a fun group!

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Jan 1, 2012 - Tsunami Homestay

Inbound – Banda Aceh (Bagpacker Package) Tsunami Homestay Valid From Desember 2011 till Desember 2012 Cost: IDR 200.000 per person / night (including bed and blanket) A best choice for backpacker who wants to stay in Banda Aceh. enjoy the nuances of local community life, if you want to buy something for lunch and dinner, there are many places with a delicious menus available around the residence....

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Jan 8, 2008 - One night in Banda Aceh

The Hotel Parapat was decent, for 100,000 rupiah a night ($11), and had the usual gaggle of taxi and becak drivers out front saying, "transport?" "taxi?". We went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant - finally no ramen noodles! - and spent a few hours on the Internet, catching up to world events. "Benazir Bhutto was assassinated!" I said out loud, and Bean was just as shocked as me. The next day we spent wandering the streets and visiting the mosque, and Bean's irritation with the men grew. While I went into the mosque to take photos and...

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Jan 3, 2008 - Weh - The North end of Indonesia

Lumba Lumba, the dive center on Gapang Beach on Pulau Weh, is run by a Dutch couple and several locals and has dive books donated by divers who survived the tsunami. Like most places in this area, everyone has a story, and some will tell it. Gapang Beach is just a narrow strand at the roots of wrinkled trees, with wooden-hulled dive boats moored just offshore. There are six or seven restaurants in the guidebook along the beach, and two hotels, but appearances can be deceiving. The restaurants were usually just mie goreng/nasi goreng shops...

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Feb 9, 2007 - Singapore Slings, Sentosa Island and the end of our adventure :O(

We managed to catch the early train out of KL and it took around 7 hours to get to Singapore. We headed back to the hotel we had stayed at previously as it was bang in the middle of Chinatown and as it was the Chinese New Year, we would be right in the middle of the celebrations! Our room was like a frosted glass shop window, our front door was actually right on the street and you could literally take 3 steps out of bed and you would be in the street. No time to rest, we headed to the subway which was so clean and modern it put the London...

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May 30, 2006 - HORAS SUMATRA - Indonesie - 1er stop BUKIT LAWANG

8ieme mois, 8ieme destination .... 8h08, heure locale, nous atterrissons a Medan, 4ieme plus grosse ville du pays qui ne nous retiendra que quelques heures. A notre arrivee en ville, nous commencons notre recherche pour un hotel juste pour une nuit, il parait qu'il y a des bons spaghettis bolo au Spoutnik (desolee de t'apprendre Stef que l'adresse est fermee ...) bienque ceux de chez Bene m'ont suffisament regalee. Les hotels sont glauques, les rues sales et pollues et les centres d'interet plutot pauvres. On abandonne notre quete d'une...

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