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Jun 26, 2018 - Slieve League & the Town of Donegal

The sea cliffs, Slieve League, are three times higher than the Cliffs of Moher and are amongst the highest in Europe. There are two ways to view them, from the top or from the sea. The top is always available, not so the sea. The sea method is very dependent on weather, the roughness of the sea and the fog. It is very difficult to align all these factors, but the Luck of the Irish was with us. We went by sea. I will forego a narrative. Just enjoy the pictures. Lunch, shopping and relaxing in the Town of Donegal made for a perfect afternoon....

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Jun 25, 2018 - Ireland, Oh Ireland!

Today’s itinerary: National Famine Museum in Strokestown, Belturbet, Ballyshannon and Harvey’s Point. We headed North towards The Midlands and then West to Donegal. The National Famine Museum was sobering. It is located on the Plantation Estate of Denis Mahon, a Scot/Protestant. During the course of the famine he evicted 4,000 tenants from the land and tore down their cottages to prevent them to return for shelter. The Irish had 3 options: move in with another family, the workhouse or emigrate. The first option was difficult because these...

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May 31, 2018 - Donegal county

A long day of driving but we saw so much cool stuff. First a circular fort estimated to be built around 668AD. Took a drive practically straight uphill about 2,000 ft up but didn't get a great view of the valley because of fog. Next drove through the back roads of Donegal cty,everything is so green and the landscape is so different from mile to mile. We drove the narrow access road to the cliffs at Slieve Leagues, amazing drops over 1500 feet to a rocky coastline. Not as popular as the Cliffs of Mohrer but equally spectacular. We will see...

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Nov 6, 2017 - Ennistymon/Clifden/Achill Island/Ardara/Kilmuckridge

Settled into Ennistymon, Co Clare, very happily with long daily jaunts discovering the surrounding area. Cliffs of Moher, ancient watchtowers, castles, churches and burial grounds, more impossibly green fields. Established ourselves at Cooley’s Pub, one of about 15 in this tiny town, more liquor outlets than any other retailers collectively. Cooley’s is renowned for its traditional Irish music nights. Rocked up on Tuesday night for a promised session – start time 9.30pm. Contently drank cider and Guinness, forged life-long friendships with...

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Oct 4, 2016 - Donegal Town

We arrived in town and met our guide for a tour of Donegal Castle. The castle is not open for public tour on Tuesday. The director of the Office of Public Works that restored the castle in the late 90s and maintains the castle was gracious enough to conduct our tour. Built in 1474 it was the stronghold of the O'Donnell clan, Lords of Tír Conaill and one of the most powerful Gaelic families in Ireland from the 5th to the 16th centuries. It is thought that the castle sits on the site of a Viking fort destroyed in 1159. There has been no proof...

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Oct 4, 2016 - No, it is not a Hardware Store...and we have chores

We are stopping at Triona Designs for a demonstration of spinning, knitting and shopping. Beautiful hand made sweaters and coats are displayed. We are heading in to Donegal and will be staying two nights. This is the last two night stay we have on the trip so this is the chance to get some laundry done. We put clothes in a couple bags provided by the hotel and drop them off at the front desk on the way to dinner. The laundry will be back by 5:30 tomorrow evening, perfect. Chores done now back to vacation!!

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Oct 4, 2016 - The Taller Cliffs

The Slieve League Cliffs are taller then the Cliffs of Moher and a lot less commercialized. An opportunity to visit these cliffs are one of the main reasons we choose this particular tour. We have a 20 minute ride to Slieve League but cannot get there, the bus is too large. We stop at a shop, pick up our local guide Paddy and switch out to two smaller buses. It takes another 10 minutes to drive up the hill. The views are beautiful, rather then being on top of the cliffs like you are at the Cliffs of Moher you are across from then so you can...

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Oct 4, 2016 - Fishing Anyone??

On the way to Slieve League Cliffs, we stop in the town of Killybegs one of the larger fishing ports in Donegal County. We stroll the commercial docks where a number of good sized vessels are moored. One boat has crewmembers out on deck working. We stop to talk and find out that they are departing for a 7-10 day trip this afternoon. The countryside here is hilly/mountainous and not suitable for agriculture. Raising sheep is the other employment opportunity and some folks switch between the two as the seasons dictate. Some of the boats are...

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Oct 27, 2015 - Turning the Negatives Into Positives

First off, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET SWEET SARAH! I posted it elsewhere and told her as much as I could "in person" (skype) and on facebook, and I'll say it here too, but it still doesn't seem like enough. It will have to do for now, until I can properly celebrate with her next year and all the rest of our years. I love you so much Sarah! I'm thinking of you always and I'm so proud of your accomplishments! And yes I'm talking about being the proud owner of a dodge challenger! (Can't wait to hear that playlist, Alex) Also because...

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Oct 15, 2015 - Wow, It's Been Awhile

So, time for a little update! First off let me just get a lil somethin' out there.....BERNIESANDERS2016 Phew, okay, moving on (God love ya Bernie, but you gotta up your game with gun reform, man!). But it's okay, I still #feelthebern Isabel and I were able to take a JOINT day off together!! It was such fun catching a bus together early in the morning, right on the side of the road outside Corcreggan. We travelled to Donegal Town, which is a big city compared to what I've seen lately and therefore a nice change. We both ate an amazing goat...

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Oct 5, 2015 - Encountering Unexpected Dangers

It's too close to Halloween for this shit. So, remember Victoria? I had mentioned her in a previous post. The other helper, bipolar, from Italy, now she's gone...ring a bell? Well, I figured that would be the last time I would encounter a strange situation with a very strange person (only when she's off her meds--otherwise I've heard she is very competent and lovely). I was wrong. Yesterday, Isabel and I are folding laundry, Marina is making stew, the guests are happily milling about...and then I see this girl outside, somewhere in her...

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Oct 2, 2015 - Pride is a Sin (Count me in!)

DISCLAIMER: 'Bout to get a little political/opinionated on ya, so..tread lightly and with an open mind, eh? (<--gotta start trying to sound Canadian in case I go to France and they're as American-hating as they're said to be. "Hi, I'm Courtney from Saskatchewan, Canada....eh? Aboot?" Ok now I'm being ignorant. Moving on...) Speaking of "American-hating"... I've learned that at least one man in town thinks that America is the worst country in the entire world. I mean, Americans can be overly patriotic/boastful and we might be able to buy a...

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