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Sep 12, 2014 - Day 24 - Westport to Longford (Ballymahon)

I was woken from a lovely, deep sleep by the phone at 5:15 this morning...one of my Thermomix customers looking for some help. I have phone phone going to message bank while we are away so I don't get a huge phone bill so got in touch with her by email. Well, that was the end of sleep so I caught up the trip journal, downloaded photos and read my book. We had to change some money in Westport so couldn't get off too early so I decided to go for a walk. It was another glorious morning. The cows think I'm mad...they look with what appears to...

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Jul 19, 2009 - Tarmonbarry, longford

Oh what a fun night last night! I had a leisurely morning and a very good breakfast. By 12pm we had driven into town to meet to Nearny's at mass for our day trip to the Irish National Country Fair, Ireland's all-new country sports weekend, at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon. The event featured two days of exciting outdoor activities and sporting demonstrations, music, food, and games. The picturesque venue has been used in the past for concerts and festivals in the past as its internal system of roads, lawns and paved areas make it an...

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Jul 18, 2009 - Longford

The drive to visit Dad's friends, the Nearny family, was interesting to say the least. And saying the least is where I will leave it. However, we did arrive to a big warm welcome at lunchtime to the most friendly happy family I have met in a long time. There was martina & Tony and their children Leisha 8, Daragh 12 and Rauri 14. We spent a little time getting to know each other before being wisked away to check into our hotel - Keenans. Oh is is soooo swish, we even had our own rooms! And how awesome they were - double bed, bath, room...

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Sep 10, 2007 - Australian Tourist Stalked by Cows in County Longford

Saturday morning, I opened my bedroom curtains to another misty but dry day. In the back yard, Paddy's neatly trimmed hedges were covered in a patchwork of glistening silver spider webs. Over in the top field, Marie's brother Patrick's house was floating in a cloud of fog. Mornings like these, it was easy to imagine that those Irish Fairies that I had read about were real and really did live at the bottom of the garden. We were having some great luck with the weather so far. It hadn't rained since we arrived in Ireland which compared to...

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Trip Journal

Autumn in Europe

Oct 4, 2005 - Longford Farming Tales

Bringing home the Cows I was ecstatic. Derek Craig, Longford's chief Parking Warden and part-time farmer had invited me to watch his cows being moved from one field to another. Along with attending an Irish wake and hitching a ride with a caravan convoy of Irish travellers, 'bringing in the cows', was on my top five list of must do, Irish cultural oddities. I was pretty excited to say the least so we arrived early (Maire dragged out of bed, showered and with wet hair) before the scheduled 11am kick-off time. I wanted the best seat in the...

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Jun 28, 2005 - The Priest and Benny Hill

The Priest wore glasses, his fat cheeks were ruddy and his large humpback belly pushed his cassock out like a domed tent. He had one goofy eye and I couldn't help but smile because he reminded me of Benny Hill. "No substitute for food." He repeated again as he watched Sharon's baby suck hungrily on ......................its bottle. I remembered watching the Benny Hill Show every Friday night when I was eleven years old. I had laughed until my stomach ached as he chased after the girls with the big boobs and hotpants. Now as I watched the...

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