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Jul 9, 2017 - Day 7 and 8 Rome

Day 7: Took the train from Florence to Rome. Then visited the Vatican and saw the Pope's home. Day 8: Walked around Rome and had a good lunch on the terrace of our hotel. Then went to a nice dinner in the city. Lastly ended the day wth some delicious gelato.

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Italy 2017

Jun 28, 2017 - Day 3...When in Rome....

What an amazing day in Rome! We started the morning with the most incredible breakfast spread ever courtesy of our cute little B&B in downtown Rome. First stop...tour of the Vatican museums culminating with the Sistine Chapel...breathtaking. Evening walk around the streets of Rome, by the Pantheon, and steetside dinner at Virginiae restaurant. :) Last stop...Colosseum at night...beat the crowds...it was the way to go. Tomorrow...on to Indonesia!

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Jun 13, 2017 - Italy tours...Rome/Pisa and Provence (Toulon) Marseille, France

Our apologies for being so tardy with our trip journal. Just completed 4 very full days of touring, taking in shows on board and visiting g with our dining table friends. We had a very picturesque visit to Rome, taking in the Colleseum along with a 5 hr. complete city coach tour. Absolutely beautiful churches, ruins, shops etc. We must say we were a bit disappointed in the lack of care in the city. A tremendous amount of litter everywhere and graffiti covering every possible building, sidewalks, rooftops etc. Apparently Rome elected a new...

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Jun 12, 2017 - THE ROMAN PEACE

That was a poor sleep. The a/c was not very strong last night. Up c 0600, making the mistake of saying Lou could use the facilities first. He took longer than most women to get ready. We were the first down at brekkie. The coffee machine was dispensing wrong orders but not a big problem. Had enough before heading toward the Ara Pacis Museum before 0900. Headed down the Spanish Steps to the Via della Croce. Stopped at the Basilica Dei SS Ambrogio e Carlo to fill the time before the museum opened. I had been in it last year. Little seems to...

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Jun 11, 2017 - ANCIENT TIMES

Probably a decent sleep, finally rising by 0545. Tended to the computer to get yesterday's brief day up on the new blog site. The pix seem quite small but it will have to do for this trip. After ablutions, the wait until 0730 brekkie, each of us dealing with stuff. Will wear shorts today for the Colosseum and Forum tours and switch to long pants for the Vatican tour manana. I haven't got knee length shorts with me and would still feel that is a bit disrespectful in any event. Not much sense of the group yet. Stan from Chicago may be a bit...

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Jun 10, 2017 - THE ETERNAL CITY

Got maybe a bit of sleep but mostly rest, tossing and turning. It was rather warm in the cabin. Eventually a continental-type brekkie came around after 0600. Same was more than ample. The green fields of Belgium were the first bit of Europe I saw, a continent a bit unsure of itself these days with the Russian bear around, Brexit and the Donald all complicating life to various degrees. Touched down by 0705 for the short taxi to the gate. A long walk to customs and then into the rather old baggage area. Signs described Brussels as 'The Heart...

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May 26, 2017 - Rome - Colosseum and City Tour

Every day we have woken up to a beautiful clear sky. I got an early start to beat the crowds at the Colosseum, and it was well worth it. I wandered around the walls and displays without too much elbow knocking etc. Such a shame to see so much has deteriorated over the years. I took Toni's advice and bought a book to see what the ruins looked like originally..very hard to imagine looking at what is left. Whilst walking around the grounds of the Roman forum it was actually quite peaceful. Palatine hill was again beautiful with great views of...

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May 25, 2017 - Rome- Vatican and St Peters

A beautiful day to explore the Vatican Museum and St Peters. What can I say but wow!! It is everything you have read about and more. I have never felt so humble as when I was inside the Sistine Chapel and St Peters Cathedral. No pictures can describe the emotion that is felt inside these places. A truly magical experience.

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May 24, 2017 - Rome

Left Florence for Rome today. We walked to the train station and unfortunately we were on the slow train to Rome so we didn't arrive to our accommodation until about 4.30pm. Both a little tired so found a great pizza place and had a reasonably early dinner. back at our apartment by 7pm to book tickets for tomorrow. Not many photo's today but I'm sure tomorrow will make up for it. 𯖒 The room is much nicer than the last one but in Florence the room was very central.

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May 18, 2017 - Rome

Today we took a short tour just south of central Rome where we took an underground walk through the Callixtus catacombs www.catacomb.roma.it, we also walked along a part of the Appian Way where Sparticus was crucified and finally a look at the ancient viaducts which bought water to the city. Found a local art supplies store to get Glenn some watercolour paper (as you do) on the way home, then home for packing. Sisters did ok for themselves in northern Italy 𯍷𯌧𯑭𯌂𯑜𯌝𯍕𯍜𯍦𯍾 Arrivederci Roma.

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May 17, 2017 - Rome

I've got muscles hurting where I didn't know I had muscles. Another big day in Rome. First stop the Colosseum. WOW. We used Rick Steves free audio guide on our phones again. Great way to do it. After the big C we headed to the forum, onto the Spanish steps and over to the Borghese Gardens and Villa. I know a lot of you have been here, so you'll know what I mean when I say this city is amazing and very humbling. The ruins are just everywhere and a lot of it is free. The crowds haven't been as bad as expected. Trevi Fountain was the...

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May 16, 2017 - Rome

My body is aching. We calculated we walked about 13 k today. From home, over the Tiber River', through Trastevere up to the Vatican City back over the Tiber to the Piazza Navona for Osso Bucco for lunch, the Trevi Fountain and home for a well earned glass (or 2) of Proscecco. More again tomorrow. I should have lost weight. By the way, i've visited a reasonable number of cities in the world and I don't think I've seen one with as many people standing/sitting at corners, tables, benches with maps in their hands trying to figure out where they...

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