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Oct 23, 2015 - Port Klang, Malaysia

Pete had a good visit in Port Klang, which is the main gateway to the sea from the country of Malaysia. It is a large industrial port, receiving huge amounts of goods in containers from all over the world. It is not really a great tourist port but was the Voyager's last stop in Asia before heading over to Australia. They will be at sea for 5 days before they reach Darwin, Australia.

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Jun 23, 2010 - Canopy walk in the jungle

Today Rajan drove us to the forest research area where there was a walk in the canopy. We could hear lots of insects and saw a group of monkeys. The forest site was a rubber tree farm. The farm was removed and replanted with a mix of native trees in the 1920's.

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Jun 21, 2010 - Pasar malam, Sentul night market

So, after coming home from Singapore Mohan's mom had lots of food waiting for us. Then a couple hours later she bought some more at the night market. The market is Monday nights just outside of her home. We went out about 7:00 and bought additional food. As you will see we just could not help ourselves...... The market is fairly large. Maybe 100 stalls selling everything including shoes and USB desk fans. Also bootleg movies and cds. We got 3 for two dollars each. The weather was fairly cool because it had just rained earlier.

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Mar 20, 2010 - Singapore

Saturday 22nd March Day 70 Awoke, to a dark, very damp morning in Singapore and before long we were surrounded by guess what, containers, stacked in varying heights, and colours. Looking forward to Singapore, the captain announced that we had been held up docking because of the heavy traffic of ships, every minute a ship either docks or moves off in this very busy port. So times are moved back 30mins for excursions and sail-away, but not the shuttle bus. Getting off the ship was the usual nightmare of ridiculous queues, they had two...

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