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Feb 4, 2013 - Havelock

The weather has been nice and sunny for about two weeks but today it rained all day. After a couple of days rest in Picton, we moved to Havelock. The 37 km drive from Picton to Havelock took more than one hour on the windy mountain road. I don’t think that there was a straight stretch of more than a few vehicle lengths. The speed limit was 50 kph but in most places it was not safe to go much over 25. It would have been a very scenic drive but not today with the rain and gloom and dark clouds hovering just above us. Havelock is just a tiny...

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Mar 19, 2012 - Heading North to Marlborough Sounds

Woke up to rain- really a nice sound in the rig. Got the rain gear on & headed to the communal showers. As I was drying my hair with the electric hand dryer, hanging my head upside down, I saw the sun trying to come out! As I walked back to our site, there was a gorgeous FULL RAINBOW!!! What a gift to see this today!   We took off heading toward Murchison, where we stopped for lunch of fish & chips. (knew u would love that, Josh!). We stopped for a little adventure and walked over NZ's longest swinging bridge and then zip lined back across....

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Nov 16, 2009 - Havelock, the Vineyards

We took the chance to go to Nelson and look at the vineyards over there. I was driving and Keith was wine tasting! It was a very scenic drive, involving steep winding roads with very large logging lorries travelling at speed on very narrow bends. We visited Brightwater Winery which is a 'boutique winery' (I assume this means very small). It was very informative and the owner took plenty of time to discuss wines and the local region. A quick visit to the 'city' of Nelson (cities here need to have over 25,000 inhabitants so are quite small)...

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Sep 30, 2008 - Wellington - Havelock

Depart Hutt (Wellington): 1635 km (11.00) We woke to clearer skies this morning, at 07.30 when the alarm went off. After breakfast we did our chores, including emptying and filling all the various tanks. By 11 we were ready to head off, but we wanted to do a couple of internet things first. There was supposed to be wi fi at the camp, but because we were right on the edge of the camp, the signal was really crap. So we parked up just by the office and spent an hour or so on the laptop and/or reading. Then Nick made some sandwiches for the...

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Apr 4, 2008 - Picton to Havelock South Island 16 to 17 March 2008

Jeff After driving Sylvia round the bend well over 2,000 times during the last two days on the winding narrow roads, today will be different, though we may have our ups and downs. To complete our chosen part of the ‘Queen Charlotte Walk’ will take about 3 hours, and to get to the start of our walk will need the help of water transport, and it is a bit windy. We are on the 10am sailing as I vetoed the idea of setting out on the 8am sail. Our boat was 25 minutes late, (I thought that this only happened on British Rail). The captain explained...

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