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Apr 28, 2005 - Waitamo caves

Waitamo's only real clain to fame is it's abundance of caves, many full of glow-worms which are great to look at in the dark of the caves but don't really photograph very well, even the postcards were obviously faked. I was a bit peeved to pay $28 dollars for a half hour tour of what is essentially a natural phenomena.

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Apr 14, 2005 - Waitomo

This place is famous for it's caves. So obviously went caving to look at some glow worms. But we decided to do it with a tour company that float you around on big inner tubes. Was great just floating around in the pitch black just following the worms on the ceilling. We also got to jump down some small waterfalls so that was great...bloody cold though. Apparently there are some eels that live in the cave water too. Some places have 10 meter deep bore holes.

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Feb 13, 2005 - Caves

Hello there, Just a quick back-dated update so we could add another dot to the map. We were in Waitomo for a night a couple of days ago. Waitomo is an area known for its magnificent caves and abundance of glow-worms. We went on a caving tour through a cave called Tumu Tumu. It was a mixture of climbing, crawling, swimming and tubing through the wet areas of the cave. It was very interesting, unfortunately we couldn't bring the camera. Fter Waitomo we heade towards Wellington.

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Nov 14, 2004 - Waitomo

Main attraction in Waitomo is the Waitomo Caves, which is home to millions of glow-worms. You can do boat trips through them.. or a few more adventourous things. We were hoping to do the 'Black Abyss' which involves abseiling, flying fox, swimming, cave rafting and climbing.. but unfortunately they were pretty full and thought maybe not the best idea as we were aching after surfing.. not to mention James' toe discomfort! Ended up doing the 'Black Labyrinth' which is basically black water rafting.. ie you sit in a rubber tyre inner-tube and...

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