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Jan 13, 2006 - Friday the 13th.......

Our first trip of the year starts on Friday, 13th - Are we MAD??? Luckily everything went very well except for a little sunburn we acquired from having the sunroof open!!!! After a hearty breakfast with Tim and Marieanne and then a top up lunch with Gran and Gramps we were off...... not sure where - but North! Our first stop - Sheepworld - where we managed to track down some super cool sheepskin slippers! Ok so we are the oldest backpackers in the world but at least our tootsies are warm!!! We then tiki toured our way to Mangowhai Heads and...

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Jan 7, 2006 - bay of islands

Zee, zee en nog eens zee. Je kan geen Kiwi spreken of hij/zij doet iets met de zee. Zeilen, surfen, vissen, duiken, zwemmen, als het maar zee is. Misschien niet eens zo verwonderlijk met pakweg 18.000 kilometer kustlijn. Je zou haast gaan denken dat de Kiwi's nog steeds in het evolutionaire tussenstadium verkeren tussen vis en mens. En wat de locals doen moeten wij natuurlijk ook doen: wij kiezen vandaag het ruime sop. We gaan, met andere woorden, eens onze zeebenen testen. Meteo en omgeving zijn er perfect voor: de zon schijnt op onze...

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Nov 26, 2005 - Cruising along the East Coast of North Island, NZ

After a much needed sleep from our long flight we checked out of our hotel in Auckland and checked into our little RV or as the Kiwi's say, "Camper Van." We decided that this would be a fun way to explore the North Island of NZ. Even though it is summertime here, it is still pretty cold. I felt a little silly bundled up in a thick fleece while everyone else is in shorts and little tops! The Kiwis think they live in the tropics! Even Marc was cold! So we decided to head North (the warmest part of the country) to find some warmth. This part...

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Nov 5, 2005 - Whangarei

Kia Ora I am now in Whangarei [Fangarai], a city much bigger than Paihia. It's located near the Hatea River and has a lovely marina and lots of shops and stuff. But the main reason I am here was to see the 26 meter falls close to the city, but since it's weekend the bus is not running... Nice planing. Perhaps I'll get another lift who knows. Tonight I have been invited to a Maori BBQ with the family that runs the hostel where I'm staying. So that should be fun! UPDATE!!! Since yestoday an interesting series of events have taken place.....

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Oct 10, 2005 - Sheepfam 101005 (is)

Vöknuðum í frumskóginum í morgun. Eftir rigningu í nótt létti til og himininn varð heiðblár. Eftir heilbrigðan morgunmat og fótabað í ánni brunuðum við af stað í áttina til Dargaville sem er syfjulegur smábær í dag en var á sínum tíma miðstöð timburiðanaðar. Bærinn var nefndur eftir stofnanda sínum, ákveðnum Íra sem keypti landið af frumbyggjum, ákvað að þarna ætti að vera bær og byggði hann án nokkurs samráðs við yfirvöld. Þarna fundum við alveg frábærann garð með stóru sjóræningjaskipi sem við gátum klifrað upp í og rennt okkur aftur...

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Jul 16, 2005 - Tutukaka

Well, I'm way behind on the updates now, so will have to keep the next few short and simple. As we missed the opportunity to see the whales, swim with the dolphins, etc., we decided we could apply what we would have spent on those trips to experience diving in NZ. We arrived in this tiny town and went straight to the Information Center. Despite the fact that it was pouring when we arrived, the woman confirmed that there was a boat going out the following morning. So we paid for the trip and hoped for the best. Absolutely nothing to do in...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Northland

We stayed in Whangerei for two nights to explore some of Northland. We didn't have much time and Helen was struck down by another small bout of food poisoning so we didn't see as much as we would have liked to. We went up to Paihia on the Bay of Islands which was beautiful and drove a bit further up the coast to Waitangi (where the treaty was signed if you know your NZ history!) and Haruru Falls.

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Apr 24, 2005 - Whangarei

Just dived the Poor Knights Islands, good but not as impressive as diving with sharks. As well as the diving there was lots of good walking around Whangerai, most of the local parks and forests had marked walkways, many of them linked together including a great treetop boardwalk through a Kauri (giant tree) forest.

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Mar 22, 2005 - Geschiedenis

Waitangi, our birthplace. Vandaag is het de bedoeling weer in Auckland bij vrienden te eindigen. Maar eerst even naar het noorden, naar Waitangi, naar het "Treaty House". Hier begint een stuk historie van het huidige New Zealand, hier werd in 1840 de overeenkomst gesloten tussen de Britse overheid en de Maori chiefs. Op 5 februari verzamelden honderden Maori en een twintigtal Europeanen zich op de recidentie van James Busby op Waitangi. Deze Busby was 7 jaar eerder door Engeland naar NZ gestuurd om het "wat minder gewenst gedrag" van...

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Mar 19, 2005 - Start campertrip

Vandaag begint onze campertoer. We hadden gisteren een telephonemessage van ons verhuurbedrijf Kea-campers, dat ze ons om 09:00 uur zouden ophalen. Na een goed ontbijt hebben we de laatste spullen gepakt en werden we opgepikt en getransporteerd naar het verhuurbedrijf. Uitgebreide inschrijving en uitleg over de camper en daarna op pad. Allereerst een grote supermarkt in de buurt aangedaan, waar we de nodige voorraden hebben ingeslagen. We moeten minimaal een dag zonder winkel voort kunnen. Uiteindelijk zijn we rond 13:30 uur gaan rijden....

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Mar 2, 2005 - Bay of Islands

Le 1 nous sommes montes dans le nord pour aller rencontrer un ancien collegue de Gordon et nous avons passe la nuit la-bas. Un couple avec 2 enfants tres sympas, il habite un bled au nom imprononcable (comme beaucoup ici!)> On a loue une automatique mais je ne suis quand meme pas encore super a l'aise. Heureusement qu'il n'y a jamais beaucoup de monde sur les routes. Puis nous sommes montes jusque la Bay of Islands ou nous avons fait un tour en helicoptere au-dessus de la baie en question. Pas le temps pour la croisiere car nous voulions...

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Dec 23, 2004 - Beautiful Bay of Islands

Hi Christmas duckies It's Christmas Eve and we are in the Bay of Islands which is at the top of the North Island. We arrived here a couple of days ago. No change though as as we were driving up the rain was just falling out of the sky but by the time we were entering Paihia where we are staying the sun came out - what timing. We checked into our accommodation which is called Chalet Romantica. It's a Swiss style house perched ontop of a hill. I know what you are thinking - poor Spen - but honestly the hill was more of a brew really, not that...

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