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Jul 24, 2011 - Svirstroy

July 24th, Sunday, Svirstroy Today we visit Svirstroy, a small village occupied by the Finns during WWII.  The Finns, to my surprise, were allied with Germany during the war, and put many of these people in prison camps during the war.  We had a home visit with a babushka and her family in this village.  There house was of wood construction without running water and they hauled water from a well.  They heated with a wood stove; recall that this is in very northwestern Russia, where they have much snow and temperatures are down in the -30-35...

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Jul 23, 2011 - Petrozavodsk

July 23rd, Saturday, Petrozavodsk This morning we awoke to a light rain in Petrozavodsk, a city of the Karelian Republic, and has a population of about 290,000.  Our program director, Yulia, as well as 2 other directors call this home and is the sister city of Diluth, Minnesota, where all 3 of them came to study English.  This city is on the western shores of Lake Onega and is much different than either Moscow or St Petersburg.  It was founded in 1703 at the behest of Peter the Great who needed a new iron foundry for the production of...

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