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May 31, 2011 - Bears and Beasts

Compared to our wild train ride, the next few days were tame. One reason for that is that we were now in territory I was covering for LP. There was now officially work to be done. One monotonous aspect of work in Russia involves visiting dozens of krayevedchesky (regional) museums, musty creations - often unchanged from Soviet days - that follow a remarkably uniform template of rocks and stuffed wildlife exhibits on the ground floor, comprehensive exhibits on the Civil and Great Patriotic (Second World) wars on the top floor, and...

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Far East Chronicles

Jun 21, 2005 - Silent Fuming & No Mechanics on Khabarovsk Trolleybus

MOUSTACHE TICKER... No moustaches to report this time, but Olegs! And Tatianas!... OLEG -- a 24-year-old, tall, gymnast-looking local has three things in his possession: a cellphone, a pack of cigarettes, and a Speedo... he watches his dog dive for twigs in the nearby Amur River and helps me get times for hourlong boat rides... Across town, TATIANA bashfully books me into the last single room... I'll try to get them to meet in Lenin Square for a high-five when I return after Yakutsk... Tats leads Ollies, 5-2... Sometimes we are humbled on...

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