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Oct 3, 2011 - Overview of Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town on Sat 1/10/2011 - it was cold and raining, a contrast from what we left behind in Namibia. It was sunny and very warm 32 degrees in Windhoek, in Cape Town it was overcast, raining and a cool 16 degrees. We were taken to our hotel - Protea Fire and Ice. One word to describe this hotel - funky! Sunday 2/10/2011 we embarked on a half day tour of the city. In summary we visited: * Table Mountain - almost was blown off the mountain due to the wind. The city is literally at it's doorstep and we were almost knocking on it....

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Sep 25, 2010 - Tafelberg (Table Mountain National Park)

wohl die hauptsehenswuerdigkeit kapstadts. was wir ganz vergessen hatten, war dass Samstag war & 1 Feiertagswochenende. Aber die 2-stuendige Warteschlange am Weg zum Gondeleinstieg erinnerte uns schleunigst daran... Grandiose Ausblicke ueber Kapstadt, Robben Island und die umliegende Landschaft. Traumwetter, fast schon kitschig ;-)

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Apr 1, 2010 - Happy April Fool's Day (Table Mountain and Stadium Tour)

We went to the airport to go to Capetown at 5 a.m. It was so early and we were very tired. We left Johannesburg. We got on our flight and got there in 2 hours. We got to Cape Town safely and are going to stay in Crystal Towers. We went on a tour through the gardens and then we went to Table Mountain. It was really fun going up. Most are not afraid of heights, but I am, so that was a bit hard. But it paid off in the end. It was amazing. The view was great. We were able to look over and see the beach, the ocean, the city and even the stadium...

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Dec 28, 2008 - Setting Table Mountain

It is December 27th and time to tackle Table Mountain. We were hoping to get an early start, but we didn’t make it up to the parking lot until after 10am. By this time the parking lot was packed full and people were everywhere. The parking lot and cable car station are about halfway up the mountain. We dropped off my parents and had to drive back down to park on the side of the street. We had been hoping for good weather, and we were lucky. We had been warned that we should take advantage of the good conditions, because the weather on Table...

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Oct 4, 2007 - Table Mountain here we come!

Woke up just before 8am fortunately as the builders next door weren't going to let me lie in anyway! Faffed in my room fro a while and then went downstairs to make breakfast. Claudine was also awake which was good. We had fresh fruit and toast. We decided that although it wasn't very bright we should head into Cape Town as it could be very different in the city centre. So once we were all up, dressed and ready we headed off. It was great not to be crammed into the car for a change!!! It was already nearly midday by this point. We got to...

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Aug 19, 2006 - Cape of Good Hope

Today we picked up our car rental in the morning and did day driving around the cape -so did cape point and various stops along the way. it was very beautiful and fun. Our first encounter with the African wildlife - in a parking lot, a baboon ignored us, walked over to our car, got up on his back two legs and tried a door handle! In the national park, we also saw dassies - very cute distant relatives of elephant, a wild ostrich (very unexpected and weird to see, but cool), and more aggressive baboons! don't forget the adorable african...

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Apr 13, 2006 - And then there were 3

Kate, Cec and I are the only ones left in our big dorm and it's looking quite bare now. We just took a load of stuff down to reception to be donated to the homeless as most people are leaving old clothes and sleeping bags and all sorts of things behind. This evening we 3 are going to the theatre so that will be really nice for Cec's last night and today they are both having pedicures at a salon just next to the hostel and I've just had my legs waxed which feels lovely after having had really hairy legs for weeks! So I can wear one of my new...

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