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Feb 27, 2007 - Korat, Thailand

Being back in Korat felt like home! It was also a good transition period :) It was nice to see the old gang and share stories... I also used my time gorging myself on everything in site :( I was so overly excited to have choice and INTERNET and english DVD's! Hmm, otherwise, It was cool to know what was in the different things I saw at the market, because I have now eaten them. And, ordering food and getting around was super easy because I could speak in "thai/Issan"!

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Jan 30, 2007 - Korat, Thailand

Feb 3: I had an intense teacher training all day. We worked on language (I was taught in thai for the first half to show me how the students would feel - ahhh! I did surprisingly well?), lesson planning, classroom management, structure, just SO MUCH! It was an exhausting but rewarding day. Tomorrow will be another full day training event! I have been brainstorming lesson plans like crazy. It's been very different planning a lesson plan in english with the different stages (vocab, possible problems, application - everything!), then looking...

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Dec 20, 2005 - Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) & Phanom Rung

DEC 19-21: MR T GETS THE BIRD, HITS THE TEMPLES AND HEADS FOR A NATIONAL PARK Most of the first day in Khorat I spend planning (bus terminals to visit) and catching up with my web site. I thought at one point my early favourable view of Khorat was to be dashed as no Internet centre had XP or would allow me to plug my camera in. It took over an hour and five places before I struck gold. I used two PCs at once (who says blokes can't multi-task): one was downloading photos whilst I wrote text on the other. The rate was only 20B per hour,...

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Dec 15, 2005 - Khao Yai National Park

Na een treinrit van 3 uur op houten banken, maar wel door een prachtig groen berglandschap, zijn we aangekomen in Pak Chong nabij het Khao Yai National Park. Dit nationaal park was het eerste van Thailand en heeft nog steeds wilde tijgers en olifanten. We logeren in een guesthouse buiten het centrum in een grote tuin. 's Anderendaags hebben we dan de bus genomen naar het nationaal park. We dachten eerst van een lange wandelroute te nemen, maar blijkbaar geraak je hier te gemakkelijk verloren in de jungle en is er voor die dag geen gids meer...

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Jul 12, 2005 - Silk tour

We explored a village that does all this silk making in back yards (from raising the worms through to silk clothes etc) this is a blurry shot of a silk worms. we went to the cooperative where they make some of the silk and sell the silk made in the village and spent a bit of money buying some authentic thai silk! The people live very simply, with absolutely no luxuries - unless you count betel nut. Lots of the women chew it, and the kids thought they had mouths full of blood. I was amased at how they pattern is put in the fabric. The warp...

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Apr 27, 2005 - Khao Yai National Park - Celebrating Mom's birthday and trekking through the forest

April 26 is Mom's birthday, so we wanted it to be an enjoyable day in Thailand. Our destination was Khao Yai National Park, approximately 200 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. Unfortunately, we were starting the day in Kanchanaburi, 129 kilometers west of Thailand's capital city. We would need to get from Point A to Point B. We had tried asking at the front desk of our hotel about whether they could arrange for someone to drive us to Khao Yai. We were told it would cost us 3500 baht (around 90 dollars) and would take about as long as the...

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Nov 8, 2004 - Thailand / Pak Chong / Khao Yai National Park

vanaf Bangkok met de public bus naar Khao Yai National park gereisd. Wij hadden in het plaatsje Pak Chong een gastvrij onderkomen bij Wildsafari. Hier zijn wij ook een dag de jungle in geweest en tijdens deze tocht hebben wij veel wilde olifanten gezien. Ook twee Nederlanders en twee Canadezen ontmoet waarmee we zijn opgetrokken.

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