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Oct 6, 2012 - crown jewels

Today I saw the crown jewels. It was cool. The crown jewels were in the Tower of London. It was built in 1078. We went to the Museum of London . There were skulls in there from battles from before the Romans came to London and swords from battles . We saw Chelsea play Norwich city 4-1 Chelsea. I have a Tudor ring with an emerald in it. I thought I lost it, but it was in my pocket. My favorite thing was the Museum of London because they had tusks from mammoths. It was so interesting.

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Oct 5, 2012 - Trip to Kentwell the Tudor village

A couple of days ago I went to Kentwell Hall for a school trip. Kentwell Hall is a Tudor village. The tudors lived in 1485-1603. They act just like tudors. They speak the Tudor language , like saying "AYE". They called us "chilluns" They even slept there. I dressed just like a Tudor. I wore tights and a vest and a hat and had to carry a cup for drinking water.

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Oct 4, 2012 - School and a Premier League game

On a Tuesday night we went to a football match. It was two really good teams. The teams were Chelsea and the Wolves. Chelsea easily defeated the Wolves 6-0. I wanted Chelsea to win and bet Dad a pound that Chelsea would win by two points or higher. At school we have been doing a lot of tests and since my teachers in America tell me to never rush I have to skip questions because I run out of time because when I have questions I never rush them because I find that I will sometimes do a problem wrong. We are studying World War two in...

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Sep 23, 2012 - Night at the zoo!

This weekend we slept at the zoo.We had great fun.We saw the tigers get fed and the zookeeper put their meat in places difficult to reach so they would have a hard time reaching it.Once the meat was in a tree and the tiger almost fell from a high height.Eventually the tiger climbed the tree.As I said we slept at the zoo.The lion had a habit of roaring a lot.which we thought was all fake roars but mom managed to convince me that they were real because they definitely sounded real.My favorite animal that we saw was the snow leopard.But I also...

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Sep 22, 2012 - Last week in UK

We ended our week by shopping in Cambridge with mummy's friend Ayesha with her gorgeoues little boy Alex, and then going back to London to shop in Stratford which has a huge shopping centre right next to the Olympic Park, sadly the Olympic Park was closed as they are taking away some of the seating and building some housing, it will be open again in six months time, but at least we could see the huge stadium and the aquatic centre...mummy wished she had booked our holiday a bit earlier and got tickets for some of the events...everywhere in...

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Sep 12, 2012 - Staying with Nanny Pat, London and more fun at the seaside

I was a bit sad when mummmy and daddy went to Paris without me, as I would have liked to go with them...but next time they said they will take me, they said they missed me lots and lots...but I had a great time running about with my Great Aunty Rita's dog called Sox and meeting more of my cousins and another Great Aunt called Gladys. Nanny Pat also helped me to do some cooking and we made some lovely butterfly cakes for mummy and daddy for when they got back. We had another great playdate with some more of mummy's friends where I dressed up...

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Sep 11, 2012 - birthday and school.

The first day of school wasn't very interesting.The school children were good at football (also known as soccer). I played with them hoping my knee wouldn't hurt. Luckily it didn't. Actually I think it has healed completely not including the extra side pain.Not much academic learning on the first day. I enjoyed most of it. I ate the school lunch; the food was actually good. This was surprising because at my school in Rhode Island we don't even think about getting school lunch because the food can be mistaken into looking like some things...

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Sep 3, 2012 - Holiday

We decided to take a five day trip to Northern England.First we went to Lincoln and met Uncle Ashley on his house boat. I enjoyed meeting Uncle Ashley's family (including their dog).Then we went to the lake district, where we stayed on Lake Derwentwater in Keswick. The next day we went hiking then played ping pong (also known as table tennis).I enjoyed hiking a lot because it was really high up and you could see everything.I also enjoyed seeing all the sheep roaming around. We went to Edinburgh where we met cousin Tom and his girlfriend...

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Sep 3, 2012 - Another busy week in Blighty...

We have been very very busy catching up with all our friends and family in England...mummies friend Lisa and her kids Max and Lily, who I first met at Legoland came to Sunny Hunny (Hunstanton, Norfolk) and we had a day at the beach...luckily the English weather was kind to us and we had some sunny spells so we could finally get our togs on and have a paddle...the English sea is pretty cold but I braved it and helped Max, Lily and my grandad Colin make a big sandcastle. I also sat for the very first time on a pony...a little Shetland called...

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Aug 27, 2012 - The land of Lego or small wet and posh

Mummy, Daddy and I have now been in England for a week, I have been meeting all their friends...the week started with a visit from my cousin, Iaryn who is nearly five and we were both very excited and did a lot of running, jumping, squealing excitedly and generally being boyish...we got on very well..and we did a good job of making our mummies very exhausted! I also loved seeing my two nannies and two grandads in the flesh instead of on the pc! We also had a visit to some of my mummies and daddies friends, and I now have some new friends of...

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Aug 23, 2012 - Bicycles

Hi this is Lucian. We needed to find a way of transportation. So we had a someone come to our house with three bicycles. The bikes look good. So we gave them a test run .That's when they started breaking down.Mine only had five problems.The guy tried to fix it but two he couldn't fix.Somehow he managed to sell us all of the bikes. Dad got a 20 pound discount because my bikes gear was broken.With our amazingly new bikes we rode to Grantchester meadows.

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Aug 22, 2012 - 1st day in Cambridge

The beginning of our trip starts when we exit of the plane.Uncle Allen was there to meet us.Then we went in a cab from London to Cambridge.When we got to the apartment we unpacked and went to bed.When I woke up we got a tour of Clare hall.Then we had lunch. Since we went out we looked for bikes.No luck.We ate dinner at a pub.After that experience we went to the apartment.There we got ready to play tennis but we didn't find any courts.After that we went to bed.

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